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07:29 pm meta<browser/> Help: not reading drive
Ok with my collection I've stuck a movie in it's own folder on a drive, so drive 1000 movie folders. fives drives set...


08:34 pm meta<browser/> Help: what is the best scraper for tv and anime
The default setting is ok for movie scraping. But for older tv and anime shows it seems not to have pictures or info ...


07:02 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Meta<browser/> DEAD AND BURIED
so glad my re-upping was not a waste of time


09:19 am meta<browser/> Help: program stuck in taskbar
Program loads fine but then hides on the taskbar and won't open on the screen win 10 pro 1 monitor.


07:41 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: norton
well Norton has deemed this program a security risk and has automatically removed it from my win 10 pro , how nice


08:59 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: xbmc gotham
wondering when the plugin for xbmc frodo will be updated for gotham?


04:51 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: in xbmc gotham
for the windows Gotham:
T.V. anime local .nfo files, seem to be the sticking point. But as you say movies work. ...


10:31 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: in xbmc gotham
when trying to load local .nso files gotham can't find anything. And forget adult anime as tvdb say don't load this c...


02:10 pm meta<browser/> Help: after doing a search for
After doing a search for one title and finding it. How do you return back to the collection. Every time I refresh; I ...


07:47 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: media browser update
um it was meta browser kicking out the error; fixed by uninstall than download and install new version.

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