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09:19 am meta<browser/> Help: program stuck in taskbar
Program loads fine but then hides on the taskbar and won't open on the screen win 10 pro 1 monitor.


07:41 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: norton
well Norton has deemed this program a security risk and has automatically removed it from my win 10 pro , how nice


08:59 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: xbmc gotham
wondering when the plugin for xbmc frodo will be updated for gotham?


04:51 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: in xbmc gotham
for the windows Gotham:
T.V. anime local .nfo files, seem to be the sticking point. But as you say movies work. ...


10:31 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: in xbmc gotham
when trying to load local .nso files gotham can't find anything. And forget adult anime as tvdb say don't load this c...


02:10 pm meta<browser/> Help: after doing a search for
After doing a search for one title and finding it. How do you return back to the collection. Every time I refresh; I ...


07:47 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: media browser update
um it was meta browser kicking out the error; fixed by uninstall than download and install new version.
06:22 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: media browser update
the plug in for media browser never updates, window 8.1 64 bit says invalid installer, and I can't un-check it either...


05:17 am meta<browser/> Help: ok..
How do you get out of process mode and what does it do any way?
04:17 am meta<browser/> Help: 2 dvd movies
what is the proper way to set up older movies that have two discs, or two sides to the same dvd? Currently MB shown t...

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