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11:56 pm meta<browser/> Help: Multi-part episodes where both episodes have the same name
When we have a multi-part episode (e.g. S01E01E02 where both episode titles are identical, I'm reasonably sure that m...


10:18 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: TVDB plugin working?
A couple of hours ago it still wasn't working - but just now it work successfully and sorted a bunch of new episodes ...


09:51 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: TVDB plugin working?
This thread: is saying that Cloudflare has been having issues s...
05:33 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: TVDB plugin working?
Still broken for me.
Lots of my existing shows with "No Episodes" displaying in the Episode List panel, which prev...


10:13 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: TVDB plugin working?
Issues for me too.
The Episode List panel for some shows is totally empty.
And I've been seeing this in the log...


06:14 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Meta<browser> Windows have disappeared
Make sure you have a TV series, Season, Episode or Movie selected in the Media Collection list - then the other panel...


07:49 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Save program settings
I'm not at my home PC right now - but IIRC, the required config is in a metabrowser folder within ProgramData. You ca...


09:37 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Website Down
That hostgator thing has happened to me a few times - but it always seems to come good after a few hours.
Even wh...
09:36 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Re-installation on to new PC
He does pop in occasionally, hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer for a reply.


10:27 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Corrupt backgrounds
I think I've experienced this once or twice - it may be your internet connection running slow, or issues with the pro...

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