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01:17 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Stop Sort Title field populating
Yeah, I'm the same. Something happened over the last two weeks. I can only think that a Windows 10 update has caused ...


06:20 am meta<browser/> Plugins: nfo plugin for Emby
Hi Fatal, Is there any chance that you could create a nfo plugin for Emby or make the xml plugin create nfo files ins...


04:51 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Metabrowser is dead, what's next?
Hey Fatal,
paid up my renewal a couple of days ago. Any idea when it will be actioned? thanks


05:24 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Incorrect Renamimg of New 24 season 9
Tested the build you sent and it's all good - excellent service.
Thanks Jordy


02:54 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: Incorrect Renamimg of New 24 season 9
Hey fatal,
MetaBrowser is consistently incorrect in it's renamimg of the TV series - 24 Season 9 episodes.


06:38 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: use on multiple pcs
Hi Fatal,
My son wants to run his own media server - we have very different tastes... Can I inatsll MB2 on an addi...


02:55 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: ability to create and save a "folder.jpg" image for videoes that do not have metadata o...
Hi Fatal,
Thanks for that, problem solved.


05:20 am meta<browser/> Help: ability to create and save a "folder.jpg" image for videoes that do not have metadata or im...
Hi Fatal,
Could you create a plugin that uses the High Quality Thumbnails application to create a image from a vid...


05:55 am meta<browser/> Help: Mediainfo & MediaBrowser Local
Hi Fatal,
I just downloaded MediaInfo.dll (32bit) and placed it into the MetaBrowser2 installation folder (C:\Prog...


12:12 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: auto (unattended) renamimg fails
Hey Fatal,
Just ran a test - using "\\jordy\pj\tv shows" as the episode sorting path - with a new episode - one fo...

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