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11:34 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Mediabrowser .nfo files
ulrick65 wrote:
> Mediabrowser (Emby) has moved to nfo file rather than .xml and I was wondering if metabrowser woul...


12:24 pm meta<browser/> Plugins: tvdb APIv2
Hi fatal,
as metabrowsers seems to still use v1 tvdb api, there are recent problems with the (old) tvdb api (http:...


06:13 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Problems with 2.3.63
Hi fatal,
today, fetching is working normally, so it seems, it was only a problem with TVDB.
Sorry about that.


02:20 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Problems with 2.3.63
Here's the log, when trying to catch the series info (Remington Steele):...
02:11 pm meta<browser/> Help: Problems with 2.3.63
Hi fatal,
thanks for the new release, it's great to see that you're still working on it (also thanks for the quick...


11:48 am meta<browser/> Help: Youtube Trailer plugin: Videos not displayed
it seems, also the youtube trailer plugin has a problem now.
While it can still download the videos, it is ...
11:38 am meta<browser/> Help: IMDB: Search not working
it seems, the search for title in IMDB isn't working anymore?
No matter what I enter, nothing is found.


01:39 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: youtube trailer download crashes
Hi fatal,
crash means, as soon as I search in the YouTube downloader I get a requester "MetaBrowser doesn't work a...


02:13 pm meta<browser/> Help: youtube trailer download crashes
yesterday, the youtube trailer plugin started to crash, as soon as I search with it.
If i disable the "Perf...


11:16 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: - site changes?
Hi fatal,
it's strange.
If I refetch them now, with overwriting the data, the original title get's fetched.

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