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03:30 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: Want to renew but not sure... (fatal please read)
Just not 100% confident of what email i used when i originally signed up cause i know it has changed, and i've change...


07:19 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: Future Plans: Reseller
Hi Fatal,
For a long time (Since version 1x I believe) I have been a vivid, active user and support of MB. I'm cur...


10:15 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Feature Request: Fetch All Data
Thanks for the quick reply Fatal, I'll check this out.
09:57 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Feature Request - Metadata for Music Videos and games
Would love the game support as well
09:56 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: Feature Request: Fetch All Data
There is an interesting discussion going on at the XBMC forums: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=113370


09:14 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: Small GUI Change
I was wondering the current layout of Movies and TV Shows lists them one after another. I was wondering if there was ...


03:21 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: Load and Fetch Empty Folders
I know this might be unique, but people using a combination of SickBeard+NZB+MB might be interested in this.
I was w...


01:51 am meta<browser/> Open discussion: IMDB Rating Updater
Is there a way we can get MB to update the ratings on tv shows, episodes and movies from IMDB upon doing a refresh. T...


07:57 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Reseller/Affiliate Program
Any interest in this Fatal?


11:35 pm meta<browser/> Help: Reseller/Affiliate Program
To Whom It May Concern,
I'm an Australian computer reseller/repairer and i'm looking at offering Meta<Browser/> to m...

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