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08:51 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Mediabrowser .nfo files
Yes, I tried that but it seems to create a lot of files that are not relevant..or are different then what I would exp...
08:50 pm meta<browser/> Help: Youtube Trailer Download Not Working
Getting the following error when launching the youtube trailer downloader:
We're sorry...
... but your computer...
08:48 pm meta<browser/> Plugins: RE: tvdb APIv2
Is there any news on updating to V2?


09:51 pm meta<browser/> Help: Mediabrowser .nfo files
Mediabrowser (Emby) has moved to nfo file rather than .xml and I was wondering if metabrowser would be updated for th...


08:39 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Question on Multi Part Episodes
I figured that was the case...makes sense.
It is really very rare that I would run into this as you might have gue...


12:22 pm meta<browser/> Help: Question on Multi Part Episodes
I may have asked this before but can't find an answer...
I was wondering how to handle a movie file with many epis...


04:38 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Problem with Multipart Episodes
Works like a charm!


10:35 am meta<browser/> Help: RE: Problem with Multipart Episodes

> >> If I name the file: S04E28-29-30 (which is not my preferred method) and refresh...it will recognize all 3 epis...


11:12 am meta<browser/> Help: Problem with Multipart Episodes
I upgraded today and am having a problem with multipart episodes.
I processed several of my shows that had two par...


07:42 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Media Sorting not Alphanumeric?
Ok, that works. Thanks for the replies.

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