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04:29 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: No more TV shows in 2.3.63
I've reached out to a couple of your for a webex session but haven't heard back...let me know if any of you a...
04:27 pm meta<browser/> Open discussion: RE: Movie folders with nfo files get saved within other movie folders
Can you guys ensure that both your movie local plugin is xbmc v1.1.29 and is set as primary and also that you...
04:17 pm meta<browser/> Plugins: RE: Rotten Tomatoes
Rotten Tomatoes closed its API that was being used by metabrowser (and others) and has now partnered with Fan...
04:10 pm meta<browser/> Plugins: RE: tvdb APIv2
Yes, thanks for the info, will update to v2.
Take Care
04:05 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: TVDB plugin working?
I think it was on the TVDb side as series/episodes I've tried have all worked.
As for API v2, I see that n...


08:18 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Actor links to local thumbs?
I use Kodi and I, personally, don't use .Actor folders (it just repeats actors for no reason in each movie fo...
08:12 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Logo problem
Can you give me movies where this is happening for?
Take Care
08:11 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Should it take several minutes to scan libraries?
Depends on how many locations are being scanned and how many media options there are per folder and how long ...
08:10 pm meta<browser/> Help: RE: Stop Sort Title field populating
I have this fixed, I will send an update to metabrowser next week...I think I rushed the way the SortTitle ne...
08:04 pm meta<browser/> Plugins: RE: 1 update available - IMDB fetcher not updating???
Can you try again, I put the plugin again on the server.
Let me know.
Take Care

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