Type Mappings

Type mappings allow you to specify what Type you want your media identified as based on file extension and/or file size.

Folder rips (VIDEO_TS, BDVM, HVDVD_TS) are automatically classified as DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD.


Use file extension as type if no condition is met

If enabled, it will use the file extension as the type of the media if none of the conditions specified in the Type Conditions matches.

Type Conditions

Here you specific conditions that need to be met based on file extension and file size for the Type that will be assigned to your media.

  • Extension
    • The extension of the file that must be matched for the type to be assigned to it
    • (optional) Leave extension blank to match for any extension
  • Size (in MB)
    • Specify the minimum file size the file must be in order to be matched-
  • Type
    • The Type you want assigned if it matches the criteria (ie Blu-ray, DVD)
  • Type Else
    • The Type you want assigned if it does not match the criteria
    • (optional) Leave blank if you do not want to use a Type Else

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