Process Profiles

A 'Profile' is a set of options (very similar to what you see for Process All) that can be configured to be run at specific day/time intervals.

Profiles can be useful, for example, to fetch metadata for items that have some missing metadata or items that did not have metadata when you first processed (ie. an episode that did not have an episode image when you first processed, but might a couple of days later).

Another example would be to keep a specific metadata field up to date since the metadata might keep changing over time, for example, user ratings. A profile can be created to update only movie ratings from IMDb once every 7 days at 3:00am.


Please note the following when a profile is triggered to run.

  • An item will only be processed if it already has metadata and that metadata has an Id that the selected fetcher is looking for.
  • If a profile is triggered while another profile is running, it is queued to be run.
  • If a profile is triggered while Process All or a Refresh is running, it is queued to be run.
  • Be very specific in your filter if using a saved filter in your profile. If, for example, you have a filter for MediaType=Series, it will only process the series level and not the seasons/episodes under it.

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