Process All

Process All is a quick and accurate way to fetch and update metadata for your collection. The process generates the list based on the currently FILTERED media collection list, which means you can pick and choose exactly how you want to process a particular filter of media items. If no filter is applied, then process all will generate the list against your entire media colleciton list.

Note: Do NOT perform a REBUILD during or in between generating or processing the list!


Select exactly what you want to update for each media type when the list is processed. For example, if you only want to download Cast/Crew Images, only select Cast/Crew Images for your setting.

Generating List

Include locked items

If enabled, will included any root locked items (movies or series) in the generated list.

Initial fetcher

The fetcher to use initially when generating the process all list. This can be useful to process a particular filter of your media collection agaisnt a specific fetcher plugin.

Generate List

This will start generating the process all list against your media collection using the initial plugins you have selected. Once the list is generated, you can go back and review any items in the list to confirm the correct match (all highlighted items will need to be reviewed for correct match prior to processing).

If metadata already existed for a particular media item and the fetcher plugin you selected found an existing id to use, it will fetch metadata for that particular item based on that id and you will not need to review the result.

Reviewing the generated list

All items that are highlighted will need the user to confirm a correct match. An item becomes highlighed if any of the following are true:

  • No metadata existed for the media item
  • The fetcher plugin that was selected did not find an id to fetch against and the best result was automatically selected
  • No results were found
  • You used the plugin dropdown to change the initial plugin

If no results are found or the result is incorrect, you can click on the fetch arrow button or click on the result link to open the search window. Fine tune your search term along with your plugin to find the correct item (the selected item will be shown in the result column).

If no results are found or you do not want to process a particular item, simply uncheck the item to skip its processing.

Processing List

Process locked items

If enabled, will process any locked items, including children, in the generated list.

Force update images

If enabled, it will clear any existing images and re-download images.

Force save images

If enabled, will resave any existing images.

This is ONLY usefull if converting from one frontend to another (ie XBMC to MediaBrowser) to save already existing images in a format for the new frontend.

Process list

The generated list will be processed using the plugins and settings selected. Depending on your collection, this can take a while. You can keep track of the progress by either following the process in the generated list or by viewing the progress percentage shown under the process all button.

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