The refresh button refreshes your entire media collection based on the locations you have enabled in Settings. If you leave meta<browser/> running in the background and are using Real Time Monitoring or Polling then the use of the refresh button will be very limited.

Alternatively you can Right Click an item in your media collection and click on Refresh Item, which will only refresh that item and any children of that item.

By default the entire list is refreshed every time meta<browser/> is launched to update existing items in your media collection list and add any new media items detected. This can be disabled in General Settings.

Functions of Refresh

  • Removes any items that have been disabled or removed from locations in your settings
  • New media items that are detected will be added to the media collection list
  • Existing items in your media collection will be updated to reflect any changes made to your metadata

Reasons to use Refresh

  • You added new media while meta<browser/> was not running
  • You added new media while meta<browser/> was running but are not using Real Time Monitoring
  • You added new media while meta<browser/> was running but are using Polling (Polling polls your locations once every hour for changes)
  • You enabled/disabled or added/removed a location in settings
  • Item or Items in your media collection does not reflect the changes you made to your metadata


Rebuild clears your entire media collection and then performs a refresh. It will rebuild any parent/child relationships and put the items in their respective groups.

Reasons to use Rebuild

  • You changed the root path of where your media is located in your settings
  • You manually moved some file/folders in subfolders and meta<browser/> is not showing the correct parent/child relation
  • You manually renamed a file being identified as a movie to the proper filename required to be identfied as a TV episode

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