Media Collection

Display Value

Display Value allows you to define a custom pattern of how you want the movie name to appear in the media collection list using any combination of the following constrcuts:

  • %lt - Local Title
  • %ot - Original Title
  • %st - Sort Title
  • %py - Production Year
  • %mpaa - MPAA Rating
  • %type - Media Type

For example a pattern of %st (%py) would result in your movies being displayed as Sort Title (2005) in the media collection list.

* Note: A REFRESH or REBUILD is required after changing the display value pattern.

Sort Value

Select the value you would like to use to sort your movies in your media collection list.

Available sort values:
  • Sort Title (default)
  • Local Title
  • Original Title
  • Folder Name
  • File Name
  • Path

* Note: A REFRESH or REBUILD is required after changing the sort value pattern.

Fetch Value

Select the value you would like to use when performing a fetch. The fetch value is passed to the fetchers to search for and determine the correct movie.

Available fetch values:
  • Local Title (default)
  • Original Title
  • Sort Title

Allow multiple movies per folder

If enabled, meta<browser/> will allow the addition of multiple movies in a single folder to the media collection list.

This option is only useful for Locals and Savers that allow the reading and saving of metadata based on the filename of the media (ie XBMC Plugin). If using Media Browser or any other frontend that requires each movie to be in its own folder this options needs to be set to Disabled.

Append production year to search term

If enabled, the production year will be appended to the search term when performing a manual fetch.

The search window is able to filter its results if the production year is present (in parenthesis) in the search term. This can be helpful in identifying the correct movie. But if the results returned by the fetcher do not contain the production year or have an incorrect production year, the results will not be shown in the filtered list.

Group movie sets

If enabled, meta<browser/> will group movies which have the Set value in their metadata. Folder structure is ignored in the media collection list and the movie is instead shown under a Set node.

If using Media Browser and you have sets setup logically based on folder structure, it is recommended to disable this option if you are using the "Treat folder as movie" option in meta<browser/> as a a movie cannot be part of a set and be shown as a sub item based on folder structure.

Images & Trailers

The trailers listed in the Movies options screen are trailers for movies already in your media collection. It will try to find local trailers using the available plugins based on the preferred resolution you have selected.

One thing to note about the trailers plugin is that some of the plugins are purely Text Based when trying to find a match for your movies, since no IDs are available to search against.

This means that:
  1. The Local Title of the movie will have to match that of of trailer source
  2. It is possible to get the same trailer for movies that have the same Local Title

Preferred Plugin

The preferred plugin is the plugin that meta<browser/> should use first to find its result.

If no results are found using the preferred plugin meta<browser/> will try to use any other avaiable plugins to find its result.

Only use preferred plugin

If enabled, meta<browser/> will only use the plugin set as your preferred plugin to find its result.

If no results are found using the preferred plugin, meta<browser/> will not try to use any other available plugins to find its result.

* Note: If using manual fetch for images, it will show results from any other available plugins in the preview window even if the preferred plugin does return any results.

Posters & Backdrops to download

Select the number of posters and backdrops to download for each movie.

This option only has effect when used with Real Time Monitoring, Poll Media Locations, or Right Clicking a movie and clicking on Process Movie. If the movie already has images, it will not try to download any additional images.

If manually selecting images using the image preview window, multiple images can be selected by holding down the CTRL or SHIFT key on your keyboard.

Minimum Width & Height

Specify the minimum width and height the image must meet in order to be saved during any automated fetching.

Preferred Trailer Resolution

The preferred resolution of the trailer you wish to download for your locally stored movies.

If no trailers are found using your preferred resolution, it will not try to find a trailer with any of the other available resolutions.

Downlaod next available resolution if preferred resolution is not found

If enabled, will try and download trailer at the next available resolution.

Delete trailer from cache after successful move

If enabled, will delete the trailer from the local cache after the trailer has been successfuly moved to its destination folder to keep the size of cache folder down.

Include locked items when clicking on "Download All Trailers" context item

If enabled, will try to look for and download trailers for movies even if they have been locked.