Media Icons

If you have Media Icons installed, you can specify some settings on where and how you want them to appear.


The panel you would like you Media Icons drawn on, either Poster or Backdrop.


The position you would like your Media Icons drawn on in your selected location, either Top or Bottom.


Opacity allows you specify how much transparency you want over the Media Icons bar that is drawn, the lower the value, the more transparent the Media Icons bar.

Value values are between 1-255.


FFmpeg is used by meta<browser/> to extract images from your videos. It is useful for home videos or for media items that do not have images availalble from online resources.

Folder rips are also supported (VIDEO_TS/BDMV/HVDVD_TS) and minimum file size for your media to use extraction is set to 10MB.

Please note that not all file formats/codecs might be supported, please refer to the FFmpeg Documentation for more details.

You can download FFmpeg from here (get the latest Static build and you only need ffmpeg.exe from that package).


Specify the location to ffmpeg.exe.

Text Highlighting

Select the color of the text in the media collection list you want to use to represent Default, No Metadata, Incomplete Metadata and Complete Metadata items.

Media Collection

Show red dots in media collection list to signify missing images

If enabled, will show red dots in the media collection list next to each media item to signify missing images for posters, backdrops and banners.

Highlight parent if children items have missing metadata

If enabled, the parent row in the media collection list, if collapsed, will be highlighed if any children of that item have missing metadata.

Show item as complete when locked

If enabled, all items that have been locked will be treated as having complete metadata, even if the item itself is not complete.

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