MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about video and audio files. meta<browser> 2.0 can incorporate the MediaInfo .dll to provide additional information that can be saved to metadata files. In turn, supported HTPC front ends can display this information, providing you with a rich analysis of your media.

Download and Installation

MediaInfo does not come pre-packaged with meta<browser/> and must be downloaded as a separate package. You must download the 32-bit version of MediaInfo for meta<browser/> even if you are running a 64-bit OS. The latest release can always be found at the MediaInfo Sourceforge page (download the latest 32-bit DLL without installer).

Once downloaded and extracted, copy MediaInfo.dll to the meta<browser> 2.0 installation directory. By default, this location is PROGRAMFILES\MetaBrowser 2.0.

XBMC Users

XBMC uses ffmpeg for its codec information and the codec values retrieved from MediaInfo do not match the values from ffmpeg, thus, causing file info icons to not appear on xmbc themes. To make things compatible there is an option available in Settings->Misc to specify location for ffprobe.exe, meta<browser/> now uses ffprobe to populate the codec tags for the xbmc saver.

You can download ffmpeg/ffprobe from here, download the latest Static build available based on your OS (32-bit or 64-bit). Once extracted, the exes will be in the bin folder.

Note: You still need MediaInfo.dll installed to retrieve fileinfo for XBMC.


Once successfully installed and activated, MediaInfo is ready to provide rich information for your metadata files. In the example image below, using the MediaBrowser local, a new MediaInfo tab is available. When a title is selected, MediaInfo will provide a detailed analysis of any supported file within this tab.

Also available on the MediaInfo tab is a MediaInfo (Custom) bar that provides an additional screen for editing or creating information about any other audio and video streams, as well as for subtitles.

Information in the MediaInfo (Custom) bar is automatically filled in when performing a Fetch.

You can manually add or edit any fields (useful for folder rips or ISOs) by clicking within a field to edit/add valid information and pressing the Enter key to accept the changes.

MediaInfo can also be used to automatically retrieve Runtime when fetching metadata. To enable this setting, you must open Settings > Movies > Fetchers. Under Default Fetching Settings, you will need to enable Fetch runtime using MediaInfo when available by placing a check in the box, as indicated in the image below:

Enabling this setting will override any runtime available from your selected fetcher source.

*Note: MediaInfo support varies among HTPC front end software.

XML Format

MediaInfo (Custom) values are saved in its metadata file in the following format:

  • MediaBrowser
              <Codec />
              <Width />
              <Height />
              <AspectRatio />
              <Duration />
              <BitRate />
              <FrameRate />
              <ScanType />
              <Language />
              <Codec />
              <Channels />
              <BitRate />
              <Language />
               <Language />
  • XBMC
                  <codec />
                  <width />
                  <height />
                  <aspect />
                  <durationinseconds />
                  <bitrate />
                  <framerate />
                  <scantype />
                  <language />
                  <codec />
                  <channels />
                  <bitrate />
                  <language />
                   <language />

mediainfo_tab.png (34.1 kB) fatal, 03/24/2011 03:24 pm

mediainfo_custom.png (21.4 kB) fatal, 03/24/2011 03:24 pm

fetchers_mediainfo_runtime.png (42.9 kB) fatal, 03/24/2011 03:24 pm