Media Locations


Enter the root locations of where your media is located. You can enable/disable existing locations or remove locations you do not want in your media collection list. It is best to enter the path of the starting point of where your media is located instead of its parent.

For example if your folder structure is as follows:

  • D:\Media\Movies\Movie 1
  • E:\Media\Movies\Movie 2

Enter D:\Media\Movies and E:\Media\Movies as your locations instead of D:\Media or E:\Media. This will speed up the refresh process and will also prevent your media items being shown as children of its parent folder in the media collection list.

Media Browser Users

If you are using Media Browser as your frontend you can use the Startup Folder as your only location. The default location is C:\ProgramData\MediaBrowser\StartupFolder.

This will create the same groups of media items that you see on Media Browser's home screen.


Enter a group name for your path. If left blank, a default group of Movies or TV will be assigned to the path depending on the type of media found.

Multiple locations can be assigned the same group and they will appear as one big collection under the same group in the media collection list. meta<browser/> only adds once locations for a media item, so if you add two of the same locations in different groups the media items from that location will only be added once to the media collection list.

*Note: If using Media Browser's startup path as your only location then this group value will be ignored.

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