HowTo use file2folder GUI

Folder structures

Many HTPC front-ends require certain folder structures to be in place in order for movies to be detected correctly and populated with their respective metadata and images. At the most basic level, each movie should be in its own folder with the folder name matching the movie title as closely as possible (in relation to the webservice used to obtain metadata and/or images).

If you are new to HTPC front-ends or are transitioning to one that requires this kind of folder structuring, you may overwhelmed at the amount of manual work required to move your large collection of videos that are not configured in this manner. That is where file2folder GUI comes into play.

About file2folder GUI

file2folder GUI is the evolution of the popular file2folder batch script, created to provide the same basic service - move your video files into their own folders according to file name. file2folder GUI just makes things even includes:
  • A GUI
  • Directory selection via manual entry, Explorer browsing or drag-and-drop
  • Full support of UNC path names (network shares)
  • Undo last move option
  • Automatic update check and install
  • Automated folder monitoring with system tray control
  • Hidden and system file protection
  • No install "pocket" application
  • New features added all the time!

Using file2folder GUI

Using file2folder GUI for the first time is quite simple.

Step 1

Type in or browse to the directory containing your video files (or just drag and drop the directory right into the interface). Keep in mind that file2folder GUI will move all files in the directory, not just videos (system and hidden files will not be moved).

Step 2

Once you're certain of your movie file(s) location, click the "Move" button. All your movies will be placed in their own folder by file name (sans extension).

Step 3

A complete log of the move will be shown in the display. This is also the move that you can perform an "Undo" on, if needed.

That's it for basic usage! Keep in mind that file2folder GUI should not be used for folders containing individual TV episodes. These require a different structure that file2folder GUI does not provide for.

Additional features

file2folder GUI has a few additional features as well.
  • Under the File menu, you have the option to save the log file.
  • Under the Options menu, there are three additional options:
    • Show directory will open the processed directory immediately after all files have been moved.
    • Close after move (No undo will be available!) will close file2folder GUI immediately after processing the specified folder. As stated, Undo will not be available when choosing this option!
    • Ignore multi-part files will make file2folder GUI ignore file names that contain specific variations of cd#, dvd#, part#, disc# and disk# (i.e. movie-cd1.avi or movie-part2.avi) so that you can handle these manually.
    • Minimize to tray enables file2folder GUI to be sent to the system tray when minimized. This is most useful when using the next option - the file2folder Monitor.
  • file2folder Monitor will process a specified folder every 180 seconds when the Start button is clicked. Clicking Stop will stop and reset the timer. Also, if used in conjunction with minimizing to system tray, the file2folder GUI icon will change to red, indication monitoring is active. Hovering the file2folder GUI system tray icon will also give you an informational tooltip showing whether monitoring is active or not and which folder is being monitored. The system tray icon also has its own context menu built in, allowing you to Start and Stop well as to Close the application.
  • The About menu has some information about the program, as well as latest release notes.


If you need support for file2folder GUI, would like to make a feature request or report a bug, please visit the project's Google Code site and submit a new issue.

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