HowTo share your DvdInfoCache Folder

The DvdInfoCache folder is used by Win7/Vista’s built in DVD Library as a place to store metadata for your media. Each extender/HTPC will have its own DvdInfoCache folder. A good way to centralize this location (as well as keep each location in sync) is by using Symbolic Links by following these steps:

Note: For this tutorial, we will be storing the DvdInfoCache folder on \\Server\Disk1\DvdInfoCache

Creating the symbolic link

  1. Create a single DvdInfoCache folder where all of the DVD info files will be stored (e.g. \\Server\Disk1\DvdInfoCache)
  2. Navigate in Explorer to %AppData%\Microsoft\eHome
  3. (Optional) Copy over all of your existing DVD info files to your new DvdInfoCache Folder. All of your existing Dvd info files will be located in %AppData%\Microsoft\eHome\DvdInfoCache
  4. Rename folder DVDInfoCache to DVDInfoCache.old (in %AppData%\Microsoft\eHome)
  5. Open an elevated cmd prompt window (Start->Run Type: cmd Press: Ctrl + Shift + Enter)
  6. Type: C:\ (if Windows is installed on your C:\ drive)
  7. Type: cd %AppData%\Microsoft\eHome
  8. Type: mklink /D DvdInfoCache "\\Server\Disk1\DvdInfoCache" (Replace \Server\Disk1\DvdInfoCache with the actual folder path you created in step 1)

To test if done correctly

  1. Create a new folder in \\Server\Disk1\DvdInfoCache called DeleteThisFolder (Replace \\Server\Disk1\DvdInfoCache with the actual folder path you created in step 1)
  2. Navigate in Explorer to %AppData%\Microsoft\eHome\DvdInfoCache\DeleteThisFolder
  3. If you can navigate to this folder without any errors, it was successfully setup
  4. Remove DeleteThisFolder
  5. Repeat steps 2 thru 8 above for each USER/PC.