HowTo fetch metadata for boxsets

* Note: This should only apply to MediaBrowser, as I don't believe XBMC supports any metadata at the boxset folder level.

TMDb Fetcher

TMDb has built in support for boxsets/collections, for example:

But, the above is not searchable through their API, so you can use the following workaround in meta<browser/>.

Folder Structure

For this to work, each movie that is part of a boxset/collection must be under a parent boxset folder, for example:

D:\Movies\Matrix Trilogy
                         \Matrix 1
                         \Matrix 2
                         \Matrix 3

meta<browser/> setup

meta<browser/> displays a tree structure of your media in its media collection list based on how it is organized on your hard drive. So, for your boxsets, it will have a parent boxset item displayed in the media collection list which can be expanded to view it's children, in this case, your movies.

1. Treat Folder as Movie

The first thing you need to do is Right Click on the boxset item in meta<browser/> and click on Treat Folder as Movie, which will now make the boxset folder act like any other movie item, allowing you to fetch and manually add/edit any metadata.

2. Manually enter TMDb Id

Since boxsets/collections are not searchable using TMDb's API, you have to manually enter the TMDb Id of the collection found on TMDb.

The TMDb Id can be found in the URL, for example the Matrix Trilogy Collection URL is, the Id for the collection is 2344.

3. Select TMDb as Fetcher and check Use Existing Id

Since only TMDb supports boxsets/collection, you have to select TMDb as your fetcher in the ribbon. Also, since you have now manually entered a TMDb Id, you have to select Use Existing Id, or it will try to search TMDb for the movie.

4. Fetch

Now you are ready to fetch as normal, you can manually fetch metadata/images and save or you can Right Click->Process Item to have it automatically processed.

That's all there is to it!

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