Filtering allows you to easily narrow your media collection list based on specific criteria you want to filter by, from a simple title filter to a more advanced filter which allows you to add filter criteria from a predefined list.

Filter Row

The simplest type of filter is a title filter which is located in the first row of your media collection list. Simply start typing and the list will start filtering based on the title of items in your media collection list.

The filtering is done using a contains operator and is not case sensitive, which means that it will filter any items which contain the text entered as the filter critera. For example, typing Sta will list all items with Sta in its title.

* Note: If you have a large collection, it is recommended you set Filter row update mode to When enter key pressed in Settings->General to avoid any lag that might occur with live filtering.

Custom Filtering

Using the filtering buttons found on the ribbon of the main application allows you to filter with a lot more criteria, allowing you to narrow down your list to exactly what you are looking for.

Clicking on the Filter dropdown will allow you to add filter criteria and will start filtering your media collection list live. Choose a field, a conditonal operator, and optionally (depending on your selected condition) a value for your chosen field. Click on the green plus icon to add additional critera to filter by.

Saved Filters

Filters can be saved so they are available even after you close and relaunch meta<browser/>. All saved filters will appear under the Saved dropdown button in the filters group. Clicking on a saved filter will select and activate that filter on your media collection list, clicking on a selected saved filter again will remove the selected filter.

To manage (add/edit/delete) your saved filters, click on the Manage button, which will let you specify your filter criteria and let you assign a name for the fitler will will appear under the saved filters dropdown.

* Note: Even though fitlers can be saved, some updates to meta</browser> will erase your saved filters because of the way filters are tied to the media collection list. There is currently no way to avoid this from happening.

* Note: Pressing ESC will clear any filters that are applied to your media collection list.

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