Current Trailers

Current trailers are trailers for upcoming or new movies. This feature uses Apple Current Trailer Feed as the source for downloading trailers for upcoming movies.

Current trailers can be downloaded manually by click on Download Current Trailers button on the Trailers tab in meta<browser/>. A scheduler can also be setup to autotmatically look for and download new trailers and delete trailers after a specific number of days.

* Note: A trailers.log file is created at the Download Path location to keep track of trailers that have already been downloaded. Deleting/Editing this file may cause meta<browser/> to redownload trailers that are already in your collection.

Download Path

The path to save any current trailers downloaded.

This location should not be a location that is being monitored by meta<browser/>. If path is not set or if the path does not exist then no current trailers will be downloaded.

Max Trailers

The maximum number of current trailers that you want meta<browser/> to download and save to your download path.

If the files located in the download path is equal to or greater than Max Trailers then no new trailers will be downloaded. You can automatically delete old trailers by enabling the scheduler.

Delete trailer from cache after successful move

If enabled, will delete the trailer from the local cache after the trailer has been successfuly moved to its destination folder to keep the size of cache folder down.

Create individual folders for each trailer

If enabled, will place each trailer in its own folder.

Fetch metadata for each trailer

This option is only available if Create individual folders for each trailer is enabled.

If enabled, will fetch metadata for each trailer.

Delete Trailers

If enabled, will delete trailers that are older than the number of days specified. Lower limit specifies the number of trailers to you always want to have in your trailers folder, even if they are past than the number of days specified for deletion.


If enabled, will check for and download new trailers at the day and time specified.

Enable Trailer Renaming

If enabled, meta<browser/> will rename your trailer file based on the trailer pattern you have defined.

Trailer Pattern

The pattern to use when renaming your trailer file. An example result of the pattern is shown below the movie pattern field. Always dobule check your pattern.

* Note: Trailer Pattern uses the same constructs as available for Movie Renaming.