Media Center AddIn

The Media Center AddIn is a small Media Center background plugin that acts as a server and executes commands it receives from the Web Service. The AddIn will launch automatically every time you start Windows Media Center and is set to listen on port 7861. A Windows Firewall rule will automatically be added for that port on installation.

The AddIn DOES NOT need to be installed on the same computer as meta<browser/>, it can be installed on any Vista or Windows7 media center machine you have and there is no limit on the number of computers you can install it on.

* Note: You may have to configure your router and or other virus/firewall software to allow communication on port 7861 and the port configured for the Web Service.


Download the latest version of the AddIn from the Files section and save it to your Desktop. Double click the .msi to install the AddIn on your Media Center PC.


To test if the AddIn was installed successfully, open a web browser and use the message endpoint to send a message to your HTPC (you will need to know your IP address of your htpc and have your firewall configured properly).

If successful, you should receive a "Hello World!" message on your HTPC (the message will auto-close after 3 seconds).


If you did not receive a confirmation message that means that the installer was not able to register the addin successfully (you should have a MetaBrowserAddIn.dll located in your C:\Windows\ehome directory). You can try to reinstall the Addin and make sure that you are logged in as an admin user.

If you still do not receive the confirmation message, you can try to manually register the addin by doing the following:

  • Click on Start->Run and type in cmd
  • For Vista and Windows 7 users. Click on Start->All Programs->Accessories-> and right click Command Prompt to Run as Administrator.
  • Type cd C:\Windows\ehome and press Enter
  • Type RegisterMceApp.exe MetaBrowserAddIn.xml and press Enter

The above should successfully register the AddIn and you should receive the confirmation message when you launch Media Center. If the manual method returned an error, please Open a new issue with a copy of the error message.

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