2.1.0 Release (37 comments)

Added by fatal almost 7 years ago

The long awaited Process All finally makes its way into v2.0! This should make it very easy to update a large amount of metadata in a single go. It also gives you the ability to fine-tune exactly what media items you want updated (it will only process the fitlered media collection list) and exactly what metadata items you want update. Please read Process All for more details.

Other highlights include the Web Service, Media Center Addin and other bug fixes and feature additions.

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meta<browser/> Web Service (UPDATED) (107 comments)

Added by fatal almost 7 years ago

The next release of meta<browser/> will come with an integrated web service.

Please read Web Service for more information.

Although currently there are no applications that consume the web service, I will be working on an Adroid based app (as time permits).


Added more information as well as Endpoints for Media Center

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2.0.60 Release (9 comments)

Added by fatal about 7 years ago

Please read the Release Notes for updates/changes.

Please check your settings as some settings might have been reset due to the update

The main update in this is TV support, but many other additions/improvements have been made.

TV Support

Unlike metabrowser v1, v2 requires that ALL episodes be under a valid Season folder (Season folder names can be defined in Settings->TV). If an episode is named correctly but is not under a season folder, it will be treated as a movie media item.

Each Series can have it's own Language/Rename/Fetch Order/Display Order setting.

  • Language (Not required to be set)
    • TVDb Plugin allows you to set your default language. Use this Series level language option if you want ot override the TVDb default language option.
  • Rename (Not required to be set)
    • Each Series can have its own custom rename pattern which will override the rename pattern set in Settings->TV->Renaming.
      • 3 Extra pattern values are added for the series rename pattern
        • %ds - DVD Season Number
        • %de - DVD Episode Number
        • %a - Absolute Episode Number
  • Display/Fetch Order
    • The Values to use for displaying and fetching metadta (Default is Aired)
      • A REFRESH of the Series is required if you change Display Order.

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Added by fatal over 7 years ago

Login Change

Requirement for login has been changed. Use your USERNAME (not your email) and the password provided to login from this point on.

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Ordering Details (5 comments)

Added by fatal over 7 years ago

Please read the Order page for more details.

Pricing Details (26 comments)

Added by fatal over 7 years ago

Please read the Order page for more details.

2.0.40 Release (122 comments)

Added by fatal over 7 years ago

Read Here for release details.

Auto Update will now show a notification next to the Rename Queue button on the bottom right. Check there for any updates for plugins.

Release 2.0.35 and Trial (197 comments)

Added by fatal over 7 years ago

This is a maintenance release with some small fixes. You will notice a vast improvement in the refresh speed.

Previous Donators/Beta Testers

You will have to manually update to the latest version of meta<browser/>. Please uninstall the previous version and delete the folder C:\ProgramData\MetaBrowser 2.0 as the structure has changed. All the plugins will be automatically downloaded thru the Auto-Update.

You will also have to download MediaIcons.rar again, as the filenames have changed.

Trial Users

Please read the Trial Information page for more information about the trial.

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