2.2.15 Release (64 comments)

Added by fatal almost 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

This release is mostly a maintenance release.

Thanks to a knowledgeable XBMC user who helped point out some issues and offered enhancements ideas for the XBMC saver plugin.

One such issue, for example, related to how meta<browser/> was populating the codec tag for the <fileinfo> (MediaInfo for the MediaBrowser users) details in the nfo file.

XBMC uses ffmpeg to populate the codec information and the codec string, when compared to MediaInfo, is different, causing file info icons in xbmc to not display. For example, MediaInfo reports AVC for a video codec while ffmpeg reports h264. For audio MediaInfo reports AC-3 while ffmpeg reports ac3.

To make things compatible there is now a new option available in Settings->Misc to specify location for ffprobe.exe, meta<browser/> now uses ffprobe to populate the codec tags for the xbmc saver.

You can download ffmpeg/ffprobe from here, download the latest Static build available. Once extracted, the exes will be in the bin folder.

Other Updates

Bug #791: Can't unlock locked items if force auto save and auto save are enabled.
Bug #798: IMDb TV - don't fetch based on first air date or episode title if season/episode numbers exist
Bug #811: XBMC Saver: error in some tag(durationinseconds and codec) in the xml output(nfo)
Bug #814: XBMC Saver: airsafter_season, airsbefore_episode, airsbefore_season are not exported into the nfo
Bug #815: XBMC Saver: Add episodeguide tag in tvshow.nfo to allow online update via tvdb
Bug #818: XBMC Saver: language tag in episode nfo use 639-1 instead of 639-2B
Bug #819: XBMC Saver: tag aspect in fileinfo/streamdetails incorrect value with movies and empty in tv episode
Feature #787: Rename History - ability to only view failed renames
Feature #794: Allow disabling of renaming of Movies per Movie
Feature #797: XBMC - Option to create a .ignore file in extra folder (Media Browser compatibility)
Feature #802: Move Check for Updates/Manage Plugins
Feature #803: Add 'Login' button for trial users to enter their login details
Feature #812: Add tiered expanding of items in media collection list
Feature #817: Add 'Has Aired' column to filter list for TV Schedule
Feature #821: XBMC Saver: watched tag should be mapped to playcount tag in the nfo

Take Care

2.2.10 Release (83 comments)

Added by fatal almost 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.


Multi-select is now available in meta<browser/>. Apart from the normal Right Click context menu items for multi-select (lock/unlock/process/etc) you can now multi-select and manually edit and save metadata for the selected items. This can come in handy if you want to, for example, change one value for all selected items to another (ie, changing Type from DVD to Blu-ray) or to delete all posters for selected items.


  • Only items of the same type can be multi-selected
  • Information Panel
    • Edit any information available
    • Items that have different values will be shown as <keep>
    • Items that have same values will show the value
    • Items that are empty will remain empty
  • Multi-value items (cast/crew/genres/studios/taglines/etc)
    • Remove all items from the list (ie delete all genres)
    • Add an item to the list (ie add the Genre "Family" to selected movies)
    • A combination of the two above (you cannot edit/delete a specific item when multi-selected)
  • Images
    • Delete any image for the selected items
    • Update images for the selected items by adding a locally stored image (all selected items will now have the same image)

Please be careful, as there is no undo, so if you accidentally change the LocalTitle of all selected items to one value, there's no way to go back (other than to refetch).


Preliminary music support has been added to meta<browser/>. Please make sure to install the mp3 Tagger plugin from auto-update.


  • Music support is still beta (it might be dropped)
  • Only supports MP3 files
  • The media collection list is built using Artist->Album->Song structure using existing ID3 tag information
  • No fetching is yet available, you can manually edit and save any metadata
  • Metadata is saved to the file itself using ID3 tags
  • No local metadata is saved or read

Image Context Menu

Right click context menu has been added to image panels. It allows you to easily add a locally stored image (a lot better experience than the already supported drag-drop) and save the currently selected image to disk.

A copy/paste is also available which can make it easy to perform other tasks. It copies the image to the clipboard and pastes from the clipboard as well (if an image is available). It can make some tasks easier, such as:

  • Right Click->Copy an image from Google Images and paste it into meta<browser/> (for those hard to find images)
  • Copy an image from meta<browser/> and paste it into your favorite image editor. Edit to your liking, copy from image editor and paste into meta<browser/>.

Support for logos, clear art and thumbs from have been added. Please make sure to install the plugin.

Please note that season level thumbs will not be fetched through automation (ie Process All) since their current API does not identify what particular season a thumb is for. Their next version of the API will support season level thumb identification and meta<browser/> will be updated accordingly.

MyMovies.xml (Media Browser)

As of Media Browser 2.5.2 - Apollo, MediaBrowser will now primarily look for movie.xml instead of mymovies.xml (although they will still provide backward compatibility for non-encrypted mymovies.xml files in this version). This is due to the change in MyMovies management software which now encrypts the mymovies.xml file causing issues with any application that relied on reading the file created by MyMovies management software.

The MediaBrowser saver plugin will now create a movie.xml file instead of a mymovies.xml. Although, if you have not updated to the latest version of Media Browser, you can still enable the creation of mymovies.xml through the plugin options. The options available are:

  • Save mymovies.xml
  • Delete existing mymovies.xml (do not check if using MyMovies management software or MyMovies frontend)
  • Fallback on mymovies.xml if no movie.xml exists (will only work if existing mymovies.xml is not encrypted)

Ideally, after you have updated to the latest Media Browser and have converted your existing metadata to movie.xml, you would want none of those options checked.

Other Updates

Bug #346: Group By Date Added doesn't update properly if Metabrowser is always running
Bug #716: Error when updating to the latest update of MediaBrowser plugin
Bug #723: Episode Sorting - SEE detection incorrectly picks up 720p as Season 7, Episode 20 (remove SEE detection for sorting)
Bug #734: FFmpeg - image extraction timeout error
Bug #742: Cast Images - If found image from one source fails to download, it does not try other sources
Bug #749: MetadataCleanup Plugin - When set to keep All genres or studios, it only keeps 1
Bug #753: Export List lists all media items even if media collection list is filtered
Bug #754: TV Schedule refresh with no groups enabled causes error
Bug #768: Polling (Samba) fetches metadata for newly detected items even if "Fetch metadata when new media is detected" is unchecked
Bug #773: Country dosent get updated on Movies from IMDB?
Bug #776: IMDB - TV / Episode list html changes
Bug #790: - HTML changes
Feature #85: MultiSelect - Lock/Unlock multiple items
Feature #692: Ability to save custom filter within the tv schedule
Feature #693: Enable episode discovery (within tv schedule) automatic
Feature #694: Auto refresh TV Schedule approx every 6 hours
Feature #696: Add ability to delete cast images from GUI
Feature #702: support
Feature #706: Allow disabling of renaming of episodes per Series
Feature #727: Execute manual saving on a separate thread
Feature #728: MultiSelect editing of metadata
Feature #729: Add option to initially load metabrowser with all groups collapsed
Feature #740: Add Right Click Context Menus to image panels
Feature #748: Preliminary Music Support (manual editing/saving only, no fetching)
Feature #755: Improve Grouping speed
Feature #760: XBMC - Option to save cast images to a .actors sub directory
Feature #763: Add "first air date" patterns to TV renamer
Feature #764: MediaBrowser - Saver update to save in new movie.xml file + backward compatibility for unencrypted mymovies.xml files
Feature #767: Add taskbar progress indication when running Process All
Feature #780: Resize Images - Add option to resize logos/clear arts/thumbs for TV
Feature #786: Add rename history window (remove rename queue, renaming is no longer queued)

Take Care

2.2.1 Release (32 comments)

Added by fatal about 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

.Net 4.0 is required for this version to function properly, please make sure you have .Net 4.0 installed prior to updating (Download Here)

A lot of changes in this version of meta<browser/>, including a fresher/cleaner look, faster load times, faster refresh times and more.

Updated UI

The first thing you'll notice when you launch meta<browser/> 2.2.0 is a revamped user interface. Everything has been updated to have Office 2010 visuals and everything looks a little cleaner and more professional. The Settings and Autoupdate screens have been completely redone and is easier to navigate. All windows within metabrowser are now resizeable (image preview/settings/auto update/etc) and will remember their window positions on the next launch.

Also available is the Quick Access Toolbar, which allows you to add and customize your most used buttons for easy access.

All in all I believe these updates make for a better user experience.

TV Schedule

This feature was requested over a year ago and has made it's way into metabrowser. The request was made by users of the popular program tvrename which incorporated a When to Watch screen.

Along with the Schedule, you can also now easily filter based on any criteria, including the ability to find out exactly which episodes you have on disk or not. A calendar is also available which shows dates in bold whenever an episode is set to air.

It also brings the ability to add a series to the tv schedule that you currently do not have in your collection (Offline Series), so you can keep track of when it might air next.

* Note: TVDb plugin is required for the TV Schedule.

Other Updates

There were a lot of other updates made to metabrowser, including the ability to skip refreshing of locked Series/Seasons (configurable in Settings->TV), ability to show your media collection list sorted by Date Added, Grouping by Location and the ability to refresh only that group.

Bug #628: Wrong Runtime when using MediaInfo for runtime with multi-part files
Bug #648: XBMC - Clicking "Download Cast Images" button does not update <thumb> tag in .nfo files
Bug #651: Hide information fields popup closes when clicking on the scroll bar
Bug #666: ForceSaveImages issue with ProcessAll
Bug #673: Refresh speed issue
Bug #677: XBMC local trailer rename issue
Bug #678: MediaInfo not processing Locked items in ProcessAll
Bug #680: Loading of Export List window is slow
Bug #690: XBMC local trailer is treated as movie when "Allow multiple movies per folder" is enabled and trailer extension is differnt from movie
Bug #698: Editing UnusedTags values not being saved
Bug #700: FilmAffinity plugin - html changes on website
Bug #703: Application closes if online check for updates times out
Bug #710: Amazon Fetcher not working
Feature #173: Possibility of adding a watch schedule for TV shows
Feature #186: Show the width/height of a panel when resizing
Feature #258: Find missing episodes
Feature #325: Fetcher (Italian)
Feature #523: Separate Settings files from Layout files in Settings folder
Feature #545: Do not scan Locked Series/Seasons
Feature #583: Process to move trailers from Mediabrowser to XBMC and XBMC to Mediabrowser
Feature #627: Option to specify minimum width/height for backdrops when auto downloading
Feature #643: Move to Visual Studio 2010 / .Net 4.0
Feature #649: XBMC - Include first fanart in extra folder
Feature #654: Episode sorting: New season folder creation: naming convention
Feature #656: Add Query endpoint to Web Service
Feature #657: Display First Aired Date in the Date Format of the Local Machine.
Feature #658: Overhaul and update metabrowser GUI
Feature #659: Add Group By "Location" options and also allow refreshing of locaiton groups.
Feature #660: Show save file dialog when saving export list
Feature #662: Allow sorting of movies and/or series by Date Added + add sortable column header to media collection list
Feature #665: Fetch MPAA Rating full description from fetchers
Feature #672: Add option to select and cancel multiple trailers at once with right click context menu
Feature #674: Add Quick Access Toolbar + ability to customize in settings
Feature #681: Default Watched Field to No when creating metadata
Feature #682: Add SEE episode detection for episode sorting
Feature #684: TV Schedule - Custom group order for Air Date
Feature #685: TV Schedule - Filter by Selected Series in media collection list

Take Care

2.1.70 Release (183 comments)

Added by fatal about 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.


A new renaming construct $()$ is now available, which will help avoid blank characters from showing up if the metadata required for that rename is missing. You put your values in between the $( and )$ tags.

For example, if your current rename pattern is:

%lt (%py) [%type]

It should rename your item to the following:

Local Title (2005) [DVD]

But, if, for example, the Production Year is empty in the metadata, you end up with the following instead:

Local Title () [DVD]

But now, if you wrap the new construct around your items which can be conditional, it will not output the value if it is empty, for example, the new rename pattern would look like:

%lt $((%py))$ $([%type])$

So now, if Production Year was empty, it would be renamed to the following instead:

Local Title [DVD]

If Type was also empty, it would be renamed to the following instead:

Local Title

Export List

Export List got a little update which adds a few more options and a little more control on the current export list functionality.

Hide Fields

As more and more fetchers get added, more Ids and fields need to be added to support re-fetching, but then the Information panel fields get cluttered with all the new fields which not everyone uses or needs to see.

A new right click context menu is added to the information panel which allows you to hide any unwanted fields.


Please note there is a small bug which could not be fixed for this release where if you click on the scrollbar and drag it down, the popup disappears when you let go of your mouse. To get around the issue do the following:

  • Right click on the Information panel to bring up the popup
  • Click anywhere inside the popup
  • Use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll down


Some new plugins were added as well as some updates on some existing features.

  • iTunes Metadata Tagger (read here)
  • Fetcher (Czech) (read here)
  • Current Trailers now downloads backdrops and has the ability to skip trailers of certain genres

Other Updates

Bug #593: Manage Filters window not selecting correct filter if filter is set to nothing
Bug #594: Episode Sorting - Moving dvr-ms/wtv file sometimes causes wrong episode number to be assumed from filename
Bug #596: No MediaInfo for TV Episodes ripped to Folder Structure
Bug #598: Process all generating list error when no TV or Movie fetcher plugins installed
Bug #605: Setting for "Extract episode images" is reset after launch
Bug #617: Don't get trailers for items in CurrentTrailers download path
Bug #629: Ampersand character not properly formatted in URL when browsing media collection through web interface
Bug #639: Threading issue when using Process Profiles with a Saved Filter
Bug #641: Rename folder also renames file if file is named the same as folder
Feature #147: Allow users to hide fields from Information Tab
Feature #590: Add ability to manually run Process Profile from main ribbon instead of Settings
Feature #591: Renaming new construct "$( )$" to avoid empty ( ) [ ] etc
Feature #595: Add "Show meta<browser/>" command to notify icon on taskbar
Feature #597: Add studio icons to be displayed on top of poster/backdrop
Feature #600: Improve Export List functionality
Feature #602: Fetcher (Czech)
Feature #603: Episode sorting - Move duplicate/existing episodes to specified location
Feature #618: Add option to not populate MPAA rating for current trailers
Feature #619: Fetch backdrops for CurrentTrailers
Feature #620: Option to skip downloading of CurrentTrailer trailer with specific genres
Feature #624: Add Right Click->Process All Item for items in media collection list
Feature #625: Interface update to include series level metadata access to episode saver
Feature #626: iTunes Metadata Tagger (Saver Plugin)
Feature #630: Add option to sort media collection by DateAdded for Web Service
Feature #635: Add logfile filesize limit of 10MB
Feature #638: Fetch trailer url from TMDb + add to saver plugins
Feature #642: Add ability to stop a Process Profile while it's running
Feature #644: Option to fetch information from instead of
Feature #646: Add progress percentage in media collection list when downlading cast
Feature #647: XBMC - Add user configurable options to define Extra folder name and Extra prefix for multiple backdrops

Take Care

2.1.60 Release (169 comments)

Added by fatal over 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

Type Mapping

Type Mappings brings a little flexibility on what media type to assign to your media items. The mappings are based on file extension and file size and should cover most bases on tagging your media types correctly. Folder rips (VIDEO_TS, BDVM, HVDVD_TS) are automatically mapped to DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD.

To configure your mappings go to Settings->Mappings->Type.

You can easily process all your items and run it through the new Type Mappings using Process All:

  • Click on Process All button
  • Under Settings tab, make sure nothing is checked in all 4 tabs (movies/series/season/episode) except Type in the movies and episode tab (since that's all you want to update, that's the only thing that needs to be checked).
  • Click on the Process List tab
  • Click on Generate List
  • Click on Process List

Episode Sorting

Episode sorting has been a part of meta<browser/> for a while now, but this update brings the ability to sort your episodes based on air date and sorting dvr-ms/wtv recordings with embedded metadata.

So now, for example, if your monitored sorting location has filenames with air dates in them, meta<browser/> will be able to automatically sort them in the correct location and fetch all metadata.

Example of filenames w/ air date:

  • The.Colbert.Report.2010.10.05.mkv

Along with air date sorting, you can now drop your recorded dvr-ms/wtv files in the monitored sorting location and meta<browser/> can read it's embedded metadata and sort/fetch metadata for it.

* Note: TVDb plugin must be installed for this to work.

Metadata Cleanup

Previously known as Studio Cleanup, this update brings the ability to clean your Genres and Studios. If using MediaBrowser, you can import your genres/studios list from the ImagesByName folder.

Please read here for more details about this plugin.

Process Profiles

Process profiles got a few updates.

First, it is now possible to manually trigger a profile to run. Just go to Settings->Process Profiles and click on the green arrow next to the profile you wish to run.

Second, you can now optionally specify a saved filter to use which the profile will run against. You first have to setup a Saved Filter, after which it will be selectable in the Process Profiles options.

Please note, that the filtering for Process Profile is a little different than in Process All, in that, Process Profile is a lot more specific. For example, if you have a profile to only process items with MediaType='Series', then, it will only process the Series level and will not process its Seasons or Episodes. For that, you have to specify an exact filter of exactly what media items you want to process by including all 3 media types (series/season/episodes) in your filter.

Other Updates

Bug #551: CurrentTrailer fails to move correctly if "Fetch metadata for each trailer" is not checked
Bug #558: XBMC Fanart Not Saving Under Expected Filename
Bug #568: Add current trailer to downloaded trailers log after sucessful move instead of when starting download
Feature #486: Add 'Import Studios from MediaBrowser IBN folder' to Studio Cleanup plugin
Feature #512: Add ability to manually trigger/run Process Profiles at any time
Feature #540: Add ability to select a saved filter for Process Profiles to run against
Feature #546: Change behavior of "Refresh media colleciton list on start" to not remove items from list if unchecked
Feature #557: Make TVDb the default selected plugin for the Episode List
Feature #560: Sorting Queue Progress/Indicator
Feature #561: Add mapping for Type based on file extension and size
Feature #576: Episode Sorting - Ability to automatically sort dvr-ms/wtv
Feature #577: Episode Sorting - Automatically sort files named by air date
Feature #585: Add genre cleanup ability to studio cleanup saver (renamed to Metadata Cleanup)
Feature #586: (XBMC) Save extra fanart to "extrafanart" folder for movies and tv.
Feature #587: MediaInfo for Blu-ray folder rips

Take Care

2.1.50 Release (119 comments)

Added by fatal over 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

This was released a little earlier than planned mainly to fix a renaming issue with tv episodes, which was pointed out by one of meta<browser/>'s users. Although this bug wouldn't affect 99% of you, I still thought I should roll out a release to fix this issue.


Please note, that this version and all subsequent releases will be targeted at x86 systems (yes, it will still work fine on x64 machines). This was done because of the YouTube downloader plugin and flash not working correctly (or w/o a 64-bit flash update) with x64 systems.

What does this mean for MediaInfo? Well, it means that the MediaInfo.dll MUST be the x86 build even if you are running a x64 system. So, if you currently have a 64-bit version of MediaInfo.dll, please replace it with a 32-bit version and place it in C:\ProgramFiles\MetaBrowser 2.0 by downloading the latest version from here.

- Read more about MediaInfo

YouTube Trailers

This plugin was thought of many times, as it has a wealth of trailers, especially for older movies, but was always thrown out as an automated way to grab trailers b/c there was no concrete way to match the search results returned to the actual movie.

So now, instead of an automated way, this global plugin will allow you to manually search for and download trailers for your movies within the meta<browser/> interface.

Read more about the YouTube Trailer Downloader.

Watch a short YouTube video of it in action.

Rotten Tomatoes Fetcher

Fetches metadata from Rotten Tomatoes using their newly available API.

You will have to Register for a Rotten Tomatoes API account and enter the API Key in the plugin settings.

* Note: If you already have a Mashery account for Netflix, you can use the same account, just get an API Key for Rotten Tomatoes.

One issue with the API is that it currently does not return Descriptions for all movies, this is not a meta<browser/> issue but a rights issue with distributing synopsis (read more here).

Other Updates

Bug #455: Auto Update for Application doesn't launch installer if using custom cache location
Bug #500: tv episodes renaming problem
Bug #520: Wrong Media Type for TV Episodes
Bug #533: Download All Trailers downloads even if an item is locked
Feature #248: Rotten Tomatoes fetcher plugin
Feature #528: Webservice - Return IMDb Id at Item Level
Feature #532: Add HD/SD option for downloading Current Trailers
Feature #534: YouTube Trailer Downloader (Global Plugin)
Feature #535: Add option to allow movies which have a "Set" value to appear as normal movies in the media collection list

Take Care

2.1.40 Release (286 comments)

Added by fatal over 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

A good amount of internal code was changed as well, it should hopefully load faster, respond quicker and use less memory.

Process All

Process All got an overhaul this update.

Previously, when generating a list, all items are queried against the initial fetcher and metadata is fetched for that item, even if an existing id for that fetcher existed.

To speed up generating the list, it will no longer fetch metadata during the generating list process. Instead, if the ID that the initial fetcher is looking for already exists in the local metadata, it will list the media item as confirmed and the "fetching" will now be done in the Processing phase of Process All (if any fetching is required). If an ID does not exist, it will perform a fetch like it does currently and put it under the Needs Confirmation group.

Also, the Processing has been improved, as no fetching will be done if no fetching is required, for example, wanting to update MediaInfo for all your titles or converting your existing collection from one frontend to another (xbmc to mediabrowser or vice versa) will now zoom through.

Process Profiles

A 'Profile' is a set of options (very similar to what you see for Process All) that can be configured to be run at specific day/time intervals.

Profiles can be useful, for example, to fetch metadata for items that have some missing metadata or items that did not have metadata when you first processed (ie. an episode that did not have an episode image when you first processed, but might a couple of days later).

Another example would be to keep a specific metadata field up to date since the metadata might keep changing over time, for example, user ratings. A profile can be created to update only movie ratings from IMDb once every 7 days at 3:00am.

Please note the following when a profile is triggered to run.

  • An item will only be processed if it already has metadata and that metadata has an Id that the selected fetcher is looking for.
  • If a profile is triggered while another profile is running, it is queued to be run.
  • If a profile is triggered while Process All or a Refresh is running, it is queued to be run.

Media Info

MediaInfo is now capable of scanning DVD folder rips (VIDEO_TS). I have decided against grabbing MediaInfo for Blu-ray folder rips because of the time it takes for it to process the files, but it is scheduled to be available in a future update.

Please download to the lastest version of MediaInfo.dll (0.7.43 as of today) (32-bit version | 64-bit version) and place it in C:\ProgramFiles\MetaBrowser 2.0.


  • CD Universe Fetcher - New fetcher for those with adult titles.
  • Play Trailer - Adds a Right Click context item to play any locally stored trailer for your movie, if you have any locally stored trailers for that movie.
  • MediaBrowser Saver - Small update to save taglines in a format for MediaBrowser (look out for the upcoming update to the Lotus Theme which will incorporate taglines)
    • Tip: Run a Process All with nothing checked to quickly update your existing metadata to use this new format.

Other Updates

Bug #456: Filter - Index out of range error when dynamic filtering enabled
Bug #470: Delete currrent trailers by age from oldest to newest
Bug #476: Cast not saved correctly if Locking an item and have "Only save cast who have images" in plugin settings
Bug #482: Cine Passion fetcher/plugin API change
Bug #484: folder.xml not being created after MediaCollection is Rebuilt
Bug #491: Random metadata replacement when ForceAutoSave and AutoSave enabled under certain situations
Bug #505: Multi-part files fail to rename properly on some systems
Feature #153: Support for drag and drop Actor image and folder
Feature #460: Improve Speed of ProcessAll Generating List and Processing
Feature #461: Please remove 'topmost' flag from splash screen
Feature #467: Change minimum value for 'Delete trailers after...' to 1 and 'Lower Limit' to 0
Feature #468: Add support for MediaInfo for Folder Rips (VIDEO_TS)
Feature #469: Add option to only download trailers newer than last downloaded trailer’s postdate (current trailers)
Feature #473: Add primary subtitle to renaming pattern
Feature #481: Add 'Profiles' to be schuduled to be run on a specific day/time cycles
Feature #485: Add notification bar to main application
Feature #490: Skip Samba Refresh/Queue Process Profile if ProcessAll is running
Feature #499: Add Import/Export functionality for ValueLists/Mappings/ProcessProfiles
Feature #501: Add title type "Video" for IMDb results movie search

Take Care

2.1.30 Release (UPDATED) (333 comments)

Added by fatal almost 7 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

Update: An issue was discovered with the initial release relating to the new filtering options which caused slow loading times for meta<browser/> if the collection was very large. This has been fixed, so please auto-update to the latest version. You will notice faster load times after launching meta<browser/> for a 2nd time after the update (in other words, launch/close/launch).


This version brings the ability to filter your collection by Person, Genre, Studio, Country and/or Subtitles (media info custom). Want to find all movies with a genre of "Romance" starring "Tom Cruise", well, now you can, and just in time for valentines day ;).

Global Plugin Interface

Another addition is a Global Plugin interface, which allows plugins to be developed that have access to your entire media collection, ability to read/save metadata, etc. The plugins have the ability to add options to the main ribbon (they get their own tabs) or add a menu to the right-click context menu of your collection. For example, a global plugin can be written to batch change values in your entire collection to a specific value (convert selected movie types to DVD), download subtitles etc...basically anything dealing w/ your media collection would be possible as the plugin would have access to it all.

Although no Global Plugins exist yet, this brings the means to do so.

Web Apps

The mobile web app and media center add-in also got an update, which incorporates a remote control for you to be able to play and control your media on your windows media center htpc (video coming soon).

Since this is a media center plugin, the media must be able to be played by media center itself, and if not, you can still use the remote control functionality available in the webapp to control your media center.

Plugin Updates

IMDb plugin for TV metadata and also cast images is now available. Plugin is now avaialble.
Jon's Cast image plugin got an update, it should be a lot faster now. We implemented a pseudo api now to search for cast images instead of making blind http calls to check if the image existed or not.
MediaBrowser/XBMC plugins now have the ability to only save actors in the metadata that have an associated image (be careful w/ this one)

Metadata Update Fields

Metadata update fields (fields that meta<browser/> checks for an item to be considered complete) now adds the ability to select images. Don't care about having backdrops at the season level? Uncheck backdrops for season level metadata in Settings->TV->Complete Fields and it won't take the missing images into consideration when checking for completeness. It also won't show the "red dot" for images that you don't care about.

Other Updates

Bug #337: Crew not saved for XBMC saver
Bug #394: Exception/Crash when using AnyOf in filter editor
Bug #397: Web Service Security
Bug #398: Renaming doesn't take place for Dynamic Filtering in some cases
Bug #408: MediaBrowser plugin localization issue
Bug #411: Metabrowser entering incorrect values into mediainfo by xml when translating values that were put there by the MyMovies Program
Bug #412: Parent row not highlighting correctly if child has missing metadata in some cases
Bug #417: WebApps fail to load images for non utf-8 encoded characters
Bug #428: Episodes appear under default "Season" node if no SeasonNumber exists in xml
Bug #436: FilmTrailer plugin HTML changes
Feature #399: Filter by Person/Genre/Studio/Country/Subtitle
Feature #400: Update MediaInfo to support version 0.7.41
Feature #407: Update Amazon plugin API Versoin + add other available endpoints
Feature #409: Update Jon's IBN Plugin
Feature #413: Add Global plugin interface
Feature #415: Update trailer plugins
Feature #416: Move WebService options to it's own node
Feature #418: Plugin
Feature #419: Use Id's fetched from TVDb
Feature #424: Add default NoActor image to web apps
Feature #425: Add Remote Control functionality to Mobile Web App
Feature #427: Add Support for XBMC extrathumbs directory
Feature #430: Option to only save actors that have images
Feature #433: Make "Check for next available resolution ... " in trailers automatically query plugins for non-hd trailers
Feature #437: Add Images as fields to check for Metadata Complete Fields + Season Level
Feature #439: IMDb Cast Plugin
Feature #442: IMDb TV Plugin
Feature #457: Sort CurrentTrailers by date before fetching
Feature #459: Tweak CurrentTrailers downloader to save metadata before moving file to destination

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2.1.20 Release (227 comments)

Added by fatal almost 7 years ago

This release adds a web endpoint to the Web Service...allowing you to easily integrate web apps into meta<browser/>.

To access the web endpoint, simply start the web service (Settings->Misc) and go to http://localhost:port/web/, which will display an internal meta<browser/> page with your media collection summary and links to any installed web apps. All web apps will be available through auto-update for easy installation and upgrades.

* Note: You may have to forward a port on your router to the port that the meta<browser/> web service is running on to be able to view your movie collection through the internet.

The MediaBrowser saver plugin also got an enhancement for the local trailers, allowing you to now store all local trailers in a single folder and creating shorcuts to that trailer file in the "Trailers" sub folder that media browser looks for.

Some other fixes and features:

Bug #34: When updating with Fetch data does not populate until after save
Bug #187: A folder is not treated as movie if folder.xml is present
Bug #348: TV Series Listing Moves When New Files Added
Bug #358: 2-digit Season folder
Bug #365: Multiple Copies of Same Crew Name
Bug #368: All Available Updates count wrong
Feature #160: Fire Rename Queue in Real Time
Feature #271: Swap Plot and Description in XMBC Saver
Feature #359: Add a /web endpoint to the web service
Feature #367: Password protect web service endpoints
Feature #369: Movie Collection WebApp
Feature #370: Media Collection Mobile (WebApp)
Feature #377: Add WebApps to AutoUpdate
Feature #378: Add <Type> filtering
Feature #379: Local trailer saving enhancements (MediaBrowser saver plugin)
Feature #380: Netgear TAG local/saver plugin
Feature #381: Episode Sorting - Add option to copy instead of move
Feature #383: Add Max KB to image resize plugin
Feature #384: Automatically add .%ext at end of rename pattern if user forgets
Feature #385: Populate MediaInfo (Custom) even if no results (manual fetch only)
Feature #386: Episode Sorting - Check for existing Season/Episode before copy/move

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Redmine Upgrade (226 comments)

Added by fatal about 7 years ago

Updated my redmine today and it wasn't as smooth as I'd like..everything is fine except the files/attachments, they are all gone, getting a backup from my host, but they say 12-24 hours :/, but things will be back to normal then.

Edit: Everything back to normal again :)

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