2.3.50 Release (208 comments)

Added by fatal almost 3 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.


This update brings the ability to download subtitles for movies and television shows. You can go to Settings->Subtitles to configure your options to enable downloading of subtitles when automatically processing a movie or episode. Enable and prioritize the subtitle providers you would like to use and the languages for which you would like to download subtitles.

There is also a right click context menu available (for movie and episode item types) that lets you choose what subtitle to download.

Language/Fetcher settings (per media location)

You now have the ability to set a preferred language and fetcher per media location. Go to Settings->Locations and click on the cog icon next to any location to configure its preferred Language and Movie/TV Fetchers.

This comes in handy, for example, if you have a location of media items that are in one particular language and would rather fetch metadata in that language. Or, for example, you have a location with a set of media that you would prefer to use to a certain fetcher over the other (ie, Adult/UFC/MMA/etc).

Please note that setting the default language per location will really only work for fetchers that support multiple languages, ie, TMDb, TVDb, etc.

Plugins (new and updates)

The first subtitle provider for meta<browser/> comes from

Subtitles download limit for VIP members is 5x higher, it is 1000 downloads per 24 hours. Become VIP today at

TV Theme music support has also been added to meta<browser/>. You can configure your settings by going to Settings->TV and scrolling down to "Theme music".

Theme music is automatically downloaded for series, if enabled, and saves your theme using as "theme.mp3" in the main series folder.

Post Processing

Post processing global plugin has been added to metabrowser. You can run any script that will be executed after all metadata is saved.


TMDb fetcher now supports fetching metadata/images for Television series.

Other Updates

Bug #1321: MediaInfo custom not refreshing correctly for External Subtitles
Bug #1324: Renaming files based on folder name not working correctly in certain situations
Bug #1325: Imdb does not Collect Country/Studio/Critic Rating information anymore?
Bug #1334: FilmTrailer - not fetching trailers
Bug #1337: MultiPartEpisode - Not being ordered correctly for savers when multi-part episode spans across single and double digit episode number
Bug #1340: CSFD - html changes
Bug #1344: RottenTomatoes - API no critic consensus, use first critic summary instead
Bug #1346: XBMC - Incorrect saving of fanart/poster for movies that have Part x in the title
Bug #1350: sorting doesn't respect or can't handle alternate fetch order
Bug #1351: Fetcher (Spanish) - html changes
Feature #259: Ability to fetch subtitles for movies/episodes
Feature #1176: Post Processing - Create global plugin for post processing after metadata is saved/file renamed
Feature #1180: New Scraper specifically for MMA events (Sherdog)
Feature #1221: Feature request: Language/Fetcher settings per media location
Feature #1222: Ability to download TV Theme Music
Feature #1246: Support Rear DVD Cover
Feature #1288: Filter by folder size
Feature #1306: Blacklist Files/Sub Folders from Parent Sorting Folder
Feature #1319: Add %mpaa renaming pattern for Movies
Feature #1322: plugin
Feature #1323: Option to scan system folders/files
Feature #1327: Export List (add LocalTitle/OriginalTitle columns)
Feature #1328: Metascore/summary fetcher
Feature #1330: - update to API v3
Feature #1331: Export list (Remember exported fields settings)
Feature #1332: Add width/height as option for Type Mappings
Feature #1333: When overwriting videos also move related subtitles during sorting
Feature #1338: MediaBrowser - read/write poster.jpg for cast images
Feature #1339: TMDb - TV series support
Feature #1347: Theme Music - plugin
Feature #1348: Improve UpdateFields checkboxes - add to ribbon instead of checkbox on each panel header
Feature #1353: Ability to select subtitle to download from subtitle providers
Feature #1363: Add Air Day/Air Time as Filter Options
Feature #1364: Add renaming construct for audio/video codec
Feature #1365: Add Has Description/Has Plot as Filter Options

Take Care

2.3.30 Release (184 comments)

Added by fatal over 3 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

You will have to configure your fetchers for images/trailers/etc as you can now set the order of preference and enable/disable them.

This release is mainly for bug fixes and issues some users were having with crashing which hopefully should be fixed.

Configuration Options

You now have the ability to configure by enabling/disabling and setting the order of preference for images, trailers and person info.

This only affects automatic fetching, for manual fetching you still have the option to select any fetcher even if disabled in settings.

Resize Images

Resize images got an update to include more choices for images to resize and is also easier to configure. Configuration

You can now override the default setting for any specific media type/image type. If an override is not enabled it will use the default.

Other Updates

Bug #1280: Process Profile for episodes throws an exception
Bug #1287: Trailer Cleanup button only removes one trailer instead of all completed
Bug #1290: Episodes by air-date not working
Bug #1291: Multi-part episodes not sorting correctly
Bug #1297: Media Browser saver - Missing season number tag in season.xml
Bug #1299: Current Trailers log file writes a success even if it fails and therefore won't retry
Bug #1300: Person Info - TMDb/IMDb ids not updated if person info already exists
Bug #1301: XBMC - possiblity to get wrong season level artwork
Bug #1304: Multi Select - not working correctly for field "Allow Renaming"
Feature #1143: Allow specific fetchers to be enbaled/disabled and allow order of preference to download from (cast/poster/backdrop etc)
Feature #1153: - Allow artwork and media type independent image fetcher configuration
Feature #1268: TV Series - Auto number, name and extract fanart for Home Videos (No scraping)
Feature #1271: Filter by file size
Feature #1281: Options to clear cache items after X number of days
Feature #1286: Ability to filter by TMDB ID and TMDB Collection ID
Feature #1296: Stop/Cancel Processing Option
Feature #1302: Resize Images - rework UI and add more image types per media item to be resized

Take Care

2.3.20 Release (172 comments)

Added by fatal almost 4 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

Multi-part Episodes

Multi-part episode support is now available in meta<browser/>. Multi-part episodes will appear as individual episodes (just like any other episodes do) and you will be able to fetch and edit metadata for them individually as well. The episode image (since it can only support one image) will be of the last episode you fetch the image for.

Handling of multi-part episodes

If an episode is not identified as multi-part, then it is treated like it is today, metadata is king (values in metadata will override whatever the filename says). ie, filename can be s01e01 (season 1, episode 1) but if metadata exists for that episode, values in metadata will override whatever episode is in the filename.

If an episode is identified as being multi-part then filename is king. The multiple episodes identified in the filename will be searched for in the metadata (depending on the fetch order of the series aired/dvd/absolute). Season/Episode numbers will not be able to be edited through the gui, as, again, filename is king. The reason for this is because metadata could exist in the metadata for only one episode of the multiple episodes, and if metadata was king it would only think it was one episode. Or if the xml contained metadata for s01e01, but the filename was named s01e02e03. Or if they could edit through the gui but did not have file renaming enabled...etc.

Multi-part Identification

Multi-part episode identification is handled similar to XBMC except that the multi-part episodes have to be the same season.

Note: only the episodes in the file name will be added, e.g. name.s01e01-03.ext will not include episode 2.

The following are supported naming formats:

  • s01e01e02.ext
  • s01e01-02-03.ext
  • s01e01_02.ext
  • 1x01x02.ext

Multi-part episode renaming

Renaming multi-part episodes will use the same pattern as defined in settings and will rename the multi-part episodes using the same pattern as the original file.

Multi-part Episodes with XBMC

XBMC handles multi-part episodes fine and has proper metadata support as well. You can also specify when an episode in a multi-part episode starts by specifying, in seconds, when the episode starts by populating the "Episode Bookmark" value in the information tab of the episode.

<epbookmark>200</epbookmark>  <!-- For media files containing multiple episodes, where value is the time where the next episode begins in seconds  -->

Multi-part Episodes with Media Browser

MediaBrowser, currently, does not have proper multi-part episode support. It'll show the episodes as one item and concatenate the metadata and I don't really know how they handle playback if you want to play a specific episode in the multi-part file. There is also no real metadata support for multi-part episodes so I implemented my own to support metabrowser and the format they support.

Other Updates

Bug #1248: Media Browser 3 stripping out Genre tag
Bug #1249: YouTube Trailer Downloader - Stripping audio
Bug #1250: Audio Channels (%ach) not naming properly
Bug #1253: XBMC - not renaming episode thumbs correctly if name contains multi-part movie values (Part1, Disc1 etc)
Bug #1262: - ignore YouTube trailer links
Bug #1267: Since 2.3.11 automatic movie matches are nearly all incorrect
Feature #713: Add Multipart episode Capability to meta<browser>
Feature #1229: Option to select destination location in movie confirmation window
Feature #1261: YouTube - Add ability to download dash video/audio and then merge (requires FFmpeg)

Take Care

2.3.11 Release (157 comments)

Added by fatal about 4 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

2.3.10 to 2.3.11 Update

Version 2.3.10 broke auto-update for the installer. 2.3.11 fixes it but the update is going to be have to be done manually by downloading and installing the installer from the Files section. This issue will only affect people who already updated to 2.3.10.

Download from Files section

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Media Browser 3

The main update for Media Browser 3 was related to their new structure for ImagesByName/People:

|       |------>Aaron...
|       |------>Ashley...
|      ...
|       |----->Bob...
|      ...

You can enable it by going to MediaBrowser settings. XBMC users (or users who use both XBMC and MediaBrowser savers) please note that you can also enable this new structure in settings, so keep both plugins settings in sync or you will end up with images in 2 different formats.

There is an auto-convert feature....this is a ONE WAY conversion from the old format to the new. If an image is in the old format and it also exists in the new format nothing will happen to it, it will still remain in old format. There is also no feedback about what is happening when you click convert...I didn't want to spend too much time on a one time usage thing.

Other Updates

Bug #1193: Adult titles not fetching with CD Universe.
Bug #1200: Doesn't clean up metadata files properly (episode sorting)
Bug #1207: Process All - Selected result not always fetching the selected result in certain situations
Bug #1208: Process All - "No Results Found" text not being updated/refreshed correctly
Bug #1216: IMDB fetcher - html changes
Bug #1231: Editing metadata (without saving) and then processing item does not use edited metadata information
Bug #1232: Metadata with invalid runtime (> 32,767 mins) causes item to not be added to media collection list
Bug #1236: YouTube Downloader - url format change - not grabbing all available trailers
Bug #1237: YouTube Downloader - Clicking on trailers resolution to download causes metabrowser to search all trailer providers
Bug #1240: Renaming - Path not updated correctly in metabrowser after renaming a folder ending in a period
Feature #898: Input Filename Mappings (when no local metadata exists)
Feature #1082: Filter by "Last Modified"
Feature #1147: TMDb - add option to fallback to english if field hasn't been translated
Feature #1190: Feature request: ImagesByName new Media Browser 3 supported standard
Feature #1191: Add a new Required Fields Page for Movie Collections
Feature #1195: Ability to filter by 'Status' field.
Feature #1197: Movie thumbs
Feature #1203: Add filter for Video Language/Codec and Audio Language/Codec
Feature #1209: Change local caching to avoid max files limit for file system
Feature #1210: Need to add "Release date" field and fetch for XBMC saver (nfo file)
Feature #1212: Feature request: add value "<TMDbCollectionId></TMDbCollectionId>" in metadata (XML and NFO file) from TMDB Collection ID
Feature #1214: Add field: UPC Code
Feature #1215: Movies - Add renaming constructs for imdb/tmdb id
Feature #1220: More Renaming Constructs
Feature #1225: Cast Images - Allow multiple cast images per provider
Feature #1226: 3d Format detection from file/folder name + renaming construct for 3d + ability to filter
Feature #1235: YouTube - add trailer provider to download YouTube trailer based on Trailer Url in metadata

Take Care

2.3.3 Release (234 comments)

Added by fatal over 4 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

This is mostly a maintenance update, please see updates list below.

Other Updates

Bug #891: Resizing Cast panel whilst downloading Cast Images
Bug #1149: Processing restriction
Bug #1150: display 'error' in information tab
Bug #1163: passion plugin
Bug #1165: Series disappears from media colleciton list when changing episode file extension for all episodes under series
Bug #1168: Auto processing saves movie metadata before downloading cast images (breaks "Save cast with images only" option)
Bug #1169: Person Info not shown on hover if person has no image
Bug #1173: TMDb - Order cast by "order" value / Treat "xx" and null as "No Language"
Bug #1174: theme videos causing TV shows to be recognized twice
Bug #1182: XBMC12 - Episode metadata - save writers in multiple <credits> tags instead of piple delimiting
Bug #1184: XBMC12 - thumb location incorrect in nfo for actor names ending in period (ie Robert Downey Jr.)
Feature #1152: MB3 Boxset - Create a global plugin that can create shortcuts based on the <set> tag in the metadata.
Feature #1158: Add notification to global plugin after metadata save
Feature #1159: Add movie banner support to metabrowser + locals/savers
Feature #1160: - add fetching for movie banners, movie poster, tv poster
Feature #1161: Add support for fetching PlotKeywords
Feature #1171: Another Filter for "Set Count"
Feature #1183: MediaBrowser - option to only save mymovies.xml
Feature #1186: XBMC saver: option to save both extrafanart and extrathumbs
Feature #1187: MediaBrowser saver: option to not save images/trailers
Feature #1189: Feature request: savers option to also modify video file mtime based on field "date added"

Take Care

Fix for Metabrowser Closing Issue (169 comments)

Added by fatal over 4 years ago


First, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Now, to give an explanation of what exactly is happening.

My host recently (yesterday) migrated my account/data to new hardware and caused my "static" IP Address to change. This, in turn, caused a failure in the check for updates to my server and crashes metabrowser after launching because it cannot find the update server.

I have updated the install files to reflect the change in IP Address and have also fixed the crashing issue if the update server is not found. You will have to manually update your installation by downloading one of the files below, based on your current running version of metabrowser.

Version 2.2.60 => Download 2.2.601 (download here)
Version 2.2.51 => Download 2.2.511 (download here)
Version 2.2.50 => Download 2.2.501 (download here)
Version < 2.2.50 => send me an email


If, while installing, you run into an issue where it says "Installation directory must be on a local hard drive", this means that you must run the installation as administrator.

To run the installer as administrator just open an elevated command prompt, navigate to the location where the installer is and then run the installer, for example:
  • Download to C:\Temp\metabrowser.msi
  • Open elevated command prompt
    • Press Windows Button on your keyboard
    • Type cmd
    • Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT and then press ENTER
  • Navigate to C:\Temp\
  • Type the name of the installer (ie metabrowser.msi) and press ENTER

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to send me an email

Again, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Take Care

2.2.60 Release (31 comments)

Added by fatal over 4 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

XBMC and Media Browser compatibility

Metadata changes/updates relating to XBMC Frodo and Media Browser 3 (still in beta) have been included in this version. Local and saver plugins have also been updated accordingly.

Person Info

Cast/Crew biography support has been added and is currently supported through the TMDb plugin. Media Browser 3 should support this natively and there is currently no support for this in XBMC.

Also, for this to work with the XBMC plugin you must save cast images in a central location and not in a .actors subfolder, as the person metadata file is saved along with the actor image. It was done this way because the next update will allow you to edit the biography information.

New tabs have been added to Process All and Process Profiles so you can schedule processes to add/update information, for example, run once a month to add any missing information or fetch new information. Real Time fetching options for person info is also available under Settings->Person Info.

Disc art (movies) and Character art (tv series) support has been added to metabrowser. Metabrowser now also fetches backdrops/banners for movies and series from


Video library tags support was added to XBMC Frodo and is now supported by metabrowser. You can easily add/edit tags for any movie or episode either individually, or, multi-select items and add the desired tags.

Tags can be used in XBMC as rules in Smart Playlists, which makes this a very appealing feature.

Other fields

Other fields were also added to metadata, including:

  • Critic Rating (Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb)
  • Critic Summary (Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb)
  • Filming Locations (IMDb)
  • Budget (TMDb)
  • Revenue (TMDb)
  • EndDate (TVDb)

UI Changes

You now have the ability to close any unwanted panels in metabrowser per media type view. You can bring back the closed panel by clicking on the "Windows" dropdown in the main application ribbon (next to Settings).


Since metabrowser allows you to download upcoming movie trailers, it only made sense to move those downloaded trailers along with the movie if you have trailer downloading enabled for your media.

For this to work, you must first setup Current Trailers and allow it to fetch metadata. Then, add the current trailers location as a media location in metabrowser. After that, when a new movie is added to your collection the trailer from current trailers will be copied to your movie folder, thus, not having to search for and redownload a local trailer. (Note: IMDb IDs on your new movie and trailer must match).

Other Updates

Bug #1086: Fetcher Filmaffinity
Bug #1090: Force Save / Force AutoSave issue with multi-select and locked items
Bug #1091: Renaming occurs even if renaming is turned off in settings in certain situations
Bug #1092: OutOfMemoryException when "Highlight parent if child items have missing metadata" enabled
Bug #1093: ImageResizePlugin - resizes images up
Bug #1094: Folder rip epsiodes showing as Movies in certain situations
Bug #1095: Ctrl-X shortcut - cannot cut text
Bug #1096: MediaBrowser Saver - ImagesByName folder name
Bug #1097: Process Season goes into loop
Bug #1099: CD Universe Fetcher - html changes
Bug #1108: Information Panel - Right click throws an exception
Bug #1110: TMDb - fetch search bug with multiple results
Bug #1111: Image Fetch button doesn't show preview window if primary source has no available images
Bug #1116: TMDb plugin does not save settings
Bug #1120: Cinfefacts fetcher broken
Bug #1121: TMDb link to website for collections goes to movie page instead of collection page
Bug #1126: Media Collection List (and other grids) not redrawing correctly after scrollbar not visible
Feature #172: Move trailer from upcoming trailers folder when movie is added to library
Feature #1068: Add ability to adjust poll timing for samba shares
Feature #1100: XBMC/MediaBrowser - Video library tags
Feature #1101: Add ability to close unwanted windows/panels in UI
Feature #1106: Media Browser 3 - Add new fields to local metadata
Feature #1107: - Add HD logo/clearart support and backdrop/banner for movies/series
Feature #1117: - Add CdArt (movies) and Character Art (series)
Feature #1137: Add downloading person info (MB3)
Feature #1146: TMDb - Option to include collections in search results
Feature #1148: Local Trailers - Option to ONLY copy trailer from current trailers (do not download trailers using trailer plugin)

Take Care

2.2.50 Release (70 comments)

Added by fatal almost 5 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

WiX Toolset

I've been wanting to switch my installer to the WiX Toolset for a while now and finally got a reason to do so. Upgraded to Windows 8 (yes, I'm liking it) and Visual Studio 2012 (still on .NET 4.0 Framework) and didn't realize that VS2012 killed off Visual Studio setup projects, so I kind of had to switch my installer.

The update to WiX had a little learning curve as everything is setup through a XML configuration file, but you get the hang of it after playing around with it. The new installer adds a "Launch meta<browser/>" checkbox at end of install/update and also takes care of adding permissions to the ProgramData\MetaBrowser 2.0 folder, although you still need to run as administrator if you are using the web service.

XBMC Frodo

With the release of XBMC Frodo comes a new local/saver plugin (available through Auto Update) to read/save metadata compatible with Frodo. Use the following steps to easily convert your existing Eden metadata to Frodo. The steps are the same whenever you want to convert metadata from one format to another.

  • Set XBMC - Eden as your Primary Local in Settings->Movies->Locals and Settings->TV->Locals
  • Disable (uncheck) XBMC - Eden Saver in Settings->Movies->Savers and Settings->TV->Savers
  • Enabled (check) XBMC - Frodo Saver in Settings->Movies->Savers and Settings->TV->Savers
  • Press Process All
  • Uncheck all checkboxes in all four tabs (Movies/Series/Season/Episode) under the Settings tab
  • Check "Include locked items"
  • Click on the "Generate" button and wait for it to finish generating your list
  • Check "Process locked items"
  • Check "Force save images" (not Force update images)
  • Click on "Process" and wait for it to finish processing
  • Set XBMC - Frodo as your Primary Local in Settings->Movies->Locals and Settings->TV->Locals
  • Click "Rebuild" to rebuild your media collection list

Please note that currently there is no way to delete/remove Eden level metadata, so both will remain.

TMDb 3.0

The TMDb plugin has been updated to use their v3.0 API. v2.1 is not being developed anymore and will eventually be phased out and v3.0 adds some niceties such as ordering posters based on your preferred more posters in different languages popping up b/c they are higher rated.

Read here about TMDb API 3 which also lists some differences from v2.1.


A new %eval() function is now available in mappings. This will only apply to Regex mappings and you can only put the %eval() in the replacement value. This function will be most useful for Sorting (Filename) mapping, basically the %eval() function allows you to evaluate mathematical, subtract one from a particular season/episode number.

Here are two examples (Sorting Filename Mapping) a user is using and may be of help to others who watch American Dad or Portlandia:

For Portlandia season 3, we need to subtract 1 from the episode number:

Type:        Regex
Pattern:     ^(Portlandia.S03E)([0-9]{2})
Replacement: $1%eval($2-1)

For American Dad we always need to add 1 to the season number (it's been like this for the last couple of seasons):

Type:        Regex
Pattern:     ^(American.Dad.S)([0-9]{2})
Replacement: $1%eval($2+1)

Other Updates

Bug #959: Movie sorting with special characters failing.
Bug #961: FilmAffinity fetcher - html changes
Bug #973: fetcher - html changes
Bug #982: 403 Error in Youtube Downloader
Bug #1004: Customize Quick Access Toolbar - More Commands open wrong page of settings
Bug #1012: MediaBrowser to XBMC - Trailers moved and not copied
Bug #1016: Process All - Force Save Images requires checking the downloading of posters/backdrops/banners etc to work
Bug #1035: fetcher broken
Bug #1048: Locked media item still allows right click context menu on images
Bug #1052: Trailers - html/search changes
Bug #1056: Exception thrown after midnight if media collection is grouped by date
Feature #691: A simple way to refresh ONLY the mediainfo data for selected movie/episode
Feature #916: New command line option to start minimized
Feature #971: Update to TMDB 3.0 API
Feature #977: Sorting - Delete Empty Folders option per type.
Feature #986: New Field: Publisher's Website URL
Feature #987: Make the timeline for episode extraction configurable
Feature #988: enable/disable scanning of subfolders for sorting
Feature #990: Prevent Accidental Deletion of Items When Folder is Checked (Using Delete Item)
Feature #991: Add ability to filter by and export bitrate (video/audio) of media item
Feature #1017: XBMC - Local/Saver changes for Frodo
Feature #1018: Specify IMDb/TMDb/TVDb numbers in folder/file
Feature #1027: fetcher - HTML changes
Feature #1033: Allow filtering by Set value
Feature #1037: Disable/Hide arrow links (IMDB, TVDB, etc) when no ID exists for those items
Feature #1041: eval function for regex in Mappings
Feature #1042: Update installer to use WIX Toolset
Feature #1046: IMDb - Fetch Top 250 value
Feature #1047: XBMC - add option to save series level images as season-all-(poster/fanart/banner).jpg

Take Care

2.2.40 Release (67 comments)

Added by fatal over 5 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

Cast Images

Cast images OCD! You can now fetch/select individual cast images through meta<browser/>. If a plugin supports cast images and has an image available it will be displayed in the preview window. The more plugins that support cast images you have installed the more choices you will have. For example you can install the plugin to fetch cast images even though you might not use it to fetch any metadata.

Web App

A new iPad centric web app is now available. Browse and search your entire movie and tv collection easily!

Movie Sorting

Similar to episode sorting, you can now sort your movies. Configure you settings in Settings->Sorting and set your monitored and destination locations. Monitored locations now support a Type of either Movie or TV, so set it accordingly based on the monitored location.

NOTE: Please be carefull and DO NOT set the type to Movie for a TV monitored location or it will move all your episodes into individual folders thinking they are movies.

Movie sorting has an option to confirm the movie before being sorted. You can access the movie confirmation window by using the shortcut key F9 or through the settings window in Settings->Sorting. You can then confirm that the movie was identified correctly or, if not identified correctly, you have the option to search for the correct movie.

Media Center Notification

If you are using episode or movie sorting and have the Add In installed on your media center machines, you can now send a message to your media center when new media is added to your collection.

Media Info

If you update to the latest version of MediaInfo you can now fetch media info for Blu-ray ISOs, but be warned that the process is a little slow and can timeout.

External subtitles are now supported as well and will automatically be added info media info on a fetch. The subtitle file must be named the same as the video file. If an external subtitle file does not contain a language you can set the default language for an external subtitle in Settings->Misc.

For multi-language subtitle files support you files must be named as below:

 Video File: The Matrix.avi
 Subtitle 1: The
 Subtitle 2: The
 Subtitle 3: The

Other Updates

Bug #879: Sorting Specials vs Season 0.
Bug #900: Rename pattern variables only evaluated once
Bug #925: Enumeration error while renaming files
Bug #926: Sorting - If filename mapping applied, accompanied files are moved with original filename instead of mapped filename
Bug #935: TV Episode Sorting, transfer method not honored
Feature #858: Request: Play Video Plugin
Feature #861: Cast Images - Ability to manually choose from available cast images from plugins similar to posters/backdrops
Feature #862: Add global plugins to Settings
Feature #863: Use Cast panel for TV episode guest stars
Feature #880: Add resolution as patterns for file and folder renaming
Feature #890: Add language support to plugin
Feature #894: Sorting - add option to sort movies
Feature #901: Web App - iPad centric web app to browse collection
Feature #902: Episode List - Allow changing sort order of season groups
Feature #903: Limit cast images download to only Actor/Director/Producer/Writer types
Feature #904: Option to configure type mappings for folder rips
Feature #905: Runtime available for filter/export
Feature #906: Add ability to filter by and export resolution (width/height) of media item
Feature #908: Option to specify default language for external subtitle file (auto add to mediainfo/fileinfo)
Feature #909: MediaInfo ISO support (Blu-ray)
Feature #910: Show connected MCE Clients (using the AddIn) in Settings->Web Service
Feature #911: Option to send message to connected MCE Clients when sorting is finished and new media added to collection
Feature #913: Allow multi-select of folder items
Feature #946: Make "Watched" a fetchable field
Feature #947: MediaInfo - Add Default/Forced values for Audio/Subtitle

Take Care

2.2.30 Release (112 comments)

Added by fatal almost 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.


Some helpful tooltips were added to the Cast and Trailers panels.

For Cast it displays a larger view of the cast image, in its original aspect ratio along with the original image resolution. Use this along with the new added context menu for cast iamges to easily weed out unwanted images.

For Trailers (current trailers), it displays information about the trailer such as description, cast and release date.

Cast Context Menu

Right click context menu has been added to the cast panel. It allows you to easily delete an image, add a locally stored image (a lot better experience than the already supported drag-drop) as well as go to the containing image folder.

A copy/paste is also available which can make it easy to perform other tasks. It copies the image to the clipboard and pastes from the clipboard as well (if an image is available). It can make some tasks easier, such as:

  • Right Click->Copy an image from Google Images and paste it into meta<browser/> (for those hard to find images)
  • Copy an image from meta<browser/> and paste it into your favorite image editor. Edit to your liking, copy from image editor and paste into meta<browser/>.

Mapping (Sorting Filename)

A new mapping is available for sorting, which maps the actual filename before any processing/sorting is done with the episode file in your sorting location.

This can come in handy to map episodes from one season to another, for example, you can map American Dad - s06e01 - xyz.mkv => American Dad - s07e01 - xyz.mkv, so now the episode will be sorted as Season 7 instead of Season 6.

Using regex mappings you would be able to accomplish much more advanced mappings for sorting. See Mappings for more details.

Resize Cast Images

The Image Resize plugin received an update to resize cast images as well.

Please note that it will only resize newly downloaded cast images and not cast images already in your collection. (Movies)

Support for logos and clear art for movies from has been added. Please make sure to install and/or update the plugin.

The plugin was also updated to use the latest version of their API, which also means that you can now Process All season level thumbs for TV since their new API returns the season number indicator in their results.

Other Updates

There were a lot of other fixes and updates in this release, including a lot of updates relating to Episode Sorting and the ability to overwrite existing episodes with newer ones based on certain key words and/or higher resolution.

Bug #825: Green rename history indicator displays even if no new renames have occured
Bug #828: XBMC Saver Episode NFO <aired> date in wrong format
Bug #829: Backdrop and Poster windows resize
Bug #833: Possible freeze when showing Rename Hisotry window while performing renaming
Bug #834: Process All Item context menu remained disabled even if no process all was currently running
Bug #836: XBMC - gueststars in nfo, split on commas and check for role fix
Bug #841: Process All - Generate list memory issue in some cases
Bug #844: - HTML changes
Bug #847: MediaInfo (Custom) - FF Codec values not editable
Bug #848: Year not included in XBMC tvshow.nfo data
Bug #851: FileSystemWatcher - "The network BIOS command limit has been reached" error when trying to reattach to disconnected drive
Bug #852: Don't allow edit of multi-value multi-selected <keep> values, only allow delete
Bug #853: Threading/Image Dispose issue when locking/locking while Cast panel is visible
Bug #866: IMDb.xx plugin fails to get some titles
Bug #877: XMBC - Add option to create .ignore file in .actors folder (Media Browser compatibility)
Bug #878: MultiSelect - Changing set value multiple times while same items selected empties out cast/crew
Feature #739: Episode Sorting - Option to overwrite existing episodes based on Resolution or Text (PROPER, REPACK, etc)
Feature #793: Allow multi-edit of 'Media Info (custom)' information
Feature #809: Download Trailers for Selected Items from the Media Collection List
Feature #823: Option to flatten folders in media collection list for movies
Feature #824: Add 'total running time' to Process All and Proces Profiles
Feature #826: Allow XBMC Saver to save metadata/images/.actor content as hidden
Feature #830: Option to use Display Aspect Ratio (DAR) insted of fetched value for MediaInfo/FileInfo values in xml
Feature #837: Episode Sorting - Option to overwrite existing episodes
Feature #838: Episode Sorting - Delete Accompanying Files
Feature #840: Episode Sorting - skip sorting if refresh/rebuild is running
Feature #846: Add option to use Folder Name for SortTitle
Feature #849: Episode Sorting - Option to disable automatic polling
Feature #850: Episode Sorting - Option to only create new series (tv show) folder for season 1, episode 1
Feature #854: Cast - Add more right click context menu options
Feature #855: Cast - Add tooltip to show resolution and larger image
Feature #856: Resize Images - Add option to resize cast images
Feature #860: Add "RowDoubleClick" event to global plugin interface
Feature #864: Mappings - Sorting Filenames
Feature #865: Movies - Add option to select first search result even if no exact matches found
Feature #869: - Update to new API / Add Logos and ClearArt for movies / Auto processing for Season Thumbs
Feature #873: Allow Cusom Rating and Aspect Ratio to be filterable
Feature #875: Netflix - Add poster fetching
Feature #876: Current Trailers - tooltip showing movie overview/cast/genre
Feature #881: XBMC - add support for <dateadded> tag in nfo (frodo or nightlies)
Feature #882: Add option to not exceed original image size inside the image panels
Feature #883: Add "Sort Name" to export list

Take Care

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