meta<browser/> is a flexible metadata management tool for your movies and television shows supporting multiple front-ends such as Media Browser, XBMC, Boxee and Netgear.


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Latest news

2.3.50 Release (207 comments)
Subtitles FTW!
Added by fatal over 2 years ago

2.3.30 Release (182 comments)
Configuration options FTW!
Added by fatal about 3 years ago

2.3.20 Release (170 comments)
Multi-part episodes FTW!
Added by fatal over 3 years ago

2.3.11 Release (141 comments)
Updates FTW! (Fixes installer auto-update issue)
Added by fatal over 3 years ago

2.3.3 Release (226 comments)
Maintenance release FTW!
Added by fatal almost 4 years ago

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