2.2.60 Release

XBMC Frodo / Media Browser 3 FTW!
Added by fatal over 3 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

XBMC and Media Browser compatibility

Metadata changes/updates relating to XBMC Frodo and Media Browser 3 (still in beta) have been included in this version. Local and saver plugins have also been updated accordingly.

Person Info

Cast/Crew biography support has been added and is currently supported through the TMDb plugin. Media Browser 3 should support this natively and there is currently no support for this in XBMC.

Also, for this to work with the XBMC plugin you must save cast images in a central location and not in a .actors subfolder, as the person metadata file is saved along with the actor image. It was done this way because the next update will allow you to edit the biography information.

New tabs have been added to Process All and Process Profiles so you can schedule processes to add/update information, for example, run once a month to add any missing information or fetch new information. Real Time fetching options for person info is also available under Settings->Person Info.


Disc art (movies) and Character art (tv series) support has been added to metabrowser. Metabrowser now also fetches backdrops/banners for movies and series from fanart.tv.


Video library tags support was added to XBMC Frodo and is now supported by metabrowser. You can easily add/edit tags for any movie or episode either individually, or, multi-select items and add the desired tags.

Tags can be used in XBMC as rules in Smart Playlists, which makes this a very appealing feature.

Other fields

Other fields were also added to metadata, including:

  • Critic Rating (Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb)
  • Critic Summary (Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb)
  • Filming Locations (IMDb)
  • Budget (TMDb)
  • Revenue (TMDb)
  • EndDate (TVDb)

UI Changes

You now have the ability to close any unwanted panels in metabrowser per media type view. You can bring back the closed panel by clicking on the "Windows" dropdown in the main application ribbon (next to Settings).


Since metabrowser allows you to download upcoming movie trailers, it only made sense to move those downloaded trailers along with the movie if you have trailer downloading enabled for your media.

For this to work, you must first setup Current Trailers and allow it to fetch metadata. Then, add the current trailers location as a media location in metabrowser. After that, when a new movie is added to your collection the trailer from current trailers will be copied to your movie folder, thus, not having to search for and redownload a local trailer. (Note: IMDb IDs on your new movie and trailer must match).

Other Updates

Bug #1086: Fetcher Filmaffinity
Bug #1090: Force Save / Force AutoSave issue with multi-select and locked items
Bug #1091: Renaming occurs even if renaming is turned off in settings in certain situations
Bug #1092: OutOfMemoryException when "Highlight parent if child items have missing metadata" enabled
Bug #1093: ImageResizePlugin - resizes images up
Bug #1094: Folder rip epsiodes showing as Movies in certain situations
Bug #1095: Ctrl-X shortcut - cannot cut text
Bug #1096: MediaBrowser Saver - ImagesByName folder name
Bug #1097: Process Season goes into loop
Bug #1099: CD Universe Fetcher - html changes
Bug #1108: Information Panel - Right click throws an exception
Bug #1110: TMDb - fetch search bug with multiple results
Bug #1111: Image Fetch button doesn't show preview window if primary source has no available images
Bug #1116: TMDb plugin does not save settings
Bug #1120: Cinfefacts fetcher broken
Bug #1121: TMDb link to website for collections goes to movie page instead of collection page
Bug #1126: Media Collection List (and other grids) not redrawing correctly after scrollbar not visible
Feature #172: Move trailer from upcoming trailers folder when movie is added to library
Feature #1068: Add ability to adjust poll timing for samba shares
Feature #1100: XBMC/MediaBrowser - Video library tags
Feature #1101: Add ability to close unwanted windows/panels in UI
Feature #1106: Media Browser 3 - Add new fields to local metadata
Feature #1107: fanart.tv - Add HD logo/clearart support and backdrop/banner for movies/series
Feature #1117: fanart.tv - Add CdArt (movies) and Character Art (series)
Feature #1137: Add downloading person info (MB3)
Feature #1146: TMDb - Option to include collections in search results
Feature #1148: Local Trailers - Option to ONLY copy trailer from current trailers (do not download trailers using trailer plugin)

Take Care


Added by droid45 about 2 years ago

It only made sense to move those downloaded trailers along with the movie if you have trailer downloading enabled for your media.

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