2.2.40 Release

Cast images OCD FTW!
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Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

Cast Images

Cast images OCD! You can now fetch/select individual cast images through meta<browser/>. If a plugin supports cast images and has an image available it will be displayed in the preview window. The more plugins that support cast images you have installed the more choices you will have. For example you can install the MoviePlayer.it plugin to fetch cast images even though you might not use it to fetch any metadata.

Web App

A new iPad centric web app is now available. Browse and search your entire movie and tv collection easily!

Movie Sorting

Similar to episode sorting, you can now sort your movies. Configure you settings in Settings->Sorting and set your monitored and destination locations. Monitored locations now support a Type of either Movie or TV, so set it accordingly based on the monitored location.

NOTE: Please be carefull and DO NOT set the type to Movie for a TV monitored location or it will move all your episodes into individual folders thinking they are movies.

Movie sorting has an option to confirm the movie before being sorted. You can access the movie confirmation window by using the shortcut key F9 or through the settings window in Settings->Sorting. You can then confirm that the movie was identified correctly or, if not identified correctly, you have the option to search for the correct movie.

Media Center Notification

If you are using episode or movie sorting and have the Add In installed on your media center machines, you can now send a message to your media center when new media is added to your collection.

Media Info

If you update to the latest version of MediaInfo you can now fetch media info for Blu-ray ISOs, but be warned that the process is a little slow and can timeout.

External subtitles are now supported as well and will automatically be added info media info on a fetch. The subtitle file must be named the same as the video file. If an external subtitle file does not contain a language you can set the default language for an external subtitle in Settings->Misc.

For multi-language subtitle files support you files must be named as below:

 Video File: The Matrix.avi
 Subtitle 1: The Matrix.English.srt
 Subtitle 2: The Matrix.French.srt
 Subtitle 3: The Matrix.German.srt

Other Updates

Bug #879: Sorting Specials vs Season 0.
Bug #900: Rename pattern variables only evaluated once
Bug #925: Enumeration error while renaming files
Bug #926: Sorting - If filename mapping applied, accompanied files are moved with original filename instead of mapped filename
Bug #935: TV Episode Sorting, transfer method not honored
Feature #858: Request: Play Video Plugin
Feature #861: Cast Images - Ability to manually choose from available cast images from plugins similar to posters/backdrops
Feature #862: Add global plugins to Settings
Feature #863: Use Cast panel for TV episode guest stars
Feature #880: Add resolution as patterns for file and folder renaming
Feature #890: Add language support to fanart.tv plugin
Feature #894: Sorting - add option to sort movies
Feature #901: Web App - iPad centric web app to browse collection
Feature #902: Episode List - Allow changing sort order of season groups
Feature #903: Limit cast images download to only Actor/Director/Producer/Writer types
Feature #904: Option to configure type mappings for folder rips
Feature #905: Runtime available for filter/export
Feature #906: Add ability to filter by and export resolution (width/height) of media item
Feature #908: Option to specify default language for external subtitle file (auto add to mediainfo/fileinfo)
Feature #909: MediaInfo ISO support (Blu-ray)
Feature #910: Show connected MCE Clients (using the AddIn) in Settings->Web Service
Feature #911: Option to send message to connected MCE Clients when sorting is finished and new media added to collection
Feature #913: Allow multi-select of folder items
Feature #946: Make "Watched" a fetchable field
Feature #947: MediaInfo - Add Default/Forced values for Audio/Subtitle

Take Care


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Thanks for this! :)

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Trying to update to 2.2.4 but it keeps asking for a metabrowser.msi file in order to uninstall the older version. I apparently don't have this file on my system anymore so it won't let me proceed with the upgrade.

Added by HotShot over 5 years ago

Feature #890: Add language support to fanart.tv plugin

How can i configure this?

Added by fatal over 5 years ago


What happens when you try to manually update (by downlading the installer yourself) and installing instead of using auto update?


Please read here

Take Care

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Nice one thanks. Could you expand on the web app? Is this the same as the original but just more iPad friendly?

Added by Ambious about 5 years ago

Thanks, but is it possible to turn the per-episode cast image downloading off? It's really putting a nail in my mass-fetching.

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