2.2.15 Release

Maintenance release FTW!
Added by fatal over 5 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

This release is mostly a maintenance release.

Thanks to a knowledgeable XBMC user who helped point out some issues and offered enhancements ideas for the XBMC saver plugin.

One such issue, for example, related to how meta<browser/> was populating the codec tag for the <fileinfo> (MediaInfo for the MediaBrowser users) details in the nfo file.

XBMC uses ffmpeg to populate the codec information and the codec string, when compared to MediaInfo, is different, causing file info icons in xbmc to not display. For example, MediaInfo reports AVC for a video codec while ffmpeg reports h264. For audio MediaInfo reports AC-3 while ffmpeg reports ac3.

To make things compatible there is now a new option available in Settings->Misc to specify location for ffprobe.exe, meta<browser/> now uses ffprobe to populate the codec tags for the xbmc saver.

You can download ffmpeg/ffprobe from here, download the latest Static build available. Once extracted, the exes will be in the bin folder.

Other Updates

Bug #791: Can't unlock locked items if force auto save and auto save are enabled.
Bug #798: IMDb TV - don't fetch based on first air date or episode title if season/episode numbers exist
Bug #811: XBMC Saver: error in some tag(durationinseconds and codec) in the xml output(nfo)
Bug #814: XBMC Saver: airsafter_season, airsbefore_episode, airsbefore_season are not exported into the nfo
Bug #815: XBMC Saver: Add episodeguide tag in tvshow.nfo to allow online update via tvdb
Bug #818: XBMC Saver: language tag in episode nfo use 639-1 instead of 639-2B
Bug #819: XBMC Saver: tag aspect in fileinfo/streamdetails incorrect value with movies and empty in tv episode
Feature #787: Rename History - ability to only view failed renames
Feature #794: Allow disabling of renaming of Movies per Movie
Feature #797: XBMC - Option to create a .ignore file in extra folder (Media Browser compatibility)
Feature #802: Move Check for Updates/Manage Plugins
Feature #803: Add 'Login' button for trial users to enter their login details
Feature #812: Add tiered expanding of items in media collection list
Feature #817: Add 'Has Aired' column to filter list for TV Schedule
Feature #821: XBMC Saver: watched tag should be mapped to playcount tag in the nfo

Take Care


Added by Matt7402 over 5 years ago

I've got an issue where the program will fetch the meta data but when I try to view the data in Media browser I only get the movie length, movie poster and background, and the movie statistics ie resolution, audio info, video info. I can not get it do display a summary of the movie. Everything worked great prior to this month, and nothing has changed in the last month except updating this app. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Added by Matt7402 over 5 years ago

figured it out. changed the setting for mymovie.xlm

Added by fatal over 5 years ago

Hey Matt,

Yes, more information here: http://themetabrowser.com/boards/2/topics/4841

Take care

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