2.2.1 Release

.Net 4.0 & Visual Studio 2010 FTW!
Added by fatal about 6 years ago

Please check your settings after update, as some might have changed or reset.

.Net 4.0 is required for this version to function properly, please make sure you have .Net 4.0 installed prior to updating (Download Here)

A lot of changes in this version of meta<browser/>, including a fresher/cleaner look, faster load times, faster refresh times and more.

Updated UI

The first thing you'll notice when you launch meta<browser/> 2.2.0 is a revamped user interface. Everything has been updated to have Office 2010 visuals and everything looks a little cleaner and more professional. The Settings and Autoupdate screens have been completely redone and is easier to navigate. All windows within metabrowser are now resizeable (image preview/settings/auto update/etc) and will remember their window positions on the next launch.

Also available is the Quick Access Toolbar, which allows you to add and customize your most used buttons for easy access.

All in all I believe these updates make for a better user experience.

TV Schedule

This feature was requested over a year ago and has made it's way into metabrowser. The request was made by users of the popular program tvrename which incorporated a When to Watch screen.

Along with the Schedule, you can also now easily filter based on any criteria, including the ability to find out exactly which episodes you have on disk or not. A calendar is also available which shows dates in bold whenever an episode is set to air.

It also brings the ability to add a series to the tv schedule that you currently do not have in your collection (Offline Series), so you can keep track of when it might air next.

* Note: TVDb plugin is required for the TV Schedule.

Other Updates

There were a lot of other updates made to metabrowser, including the ability to skip refreshing of locked Series/Seasons (configurable in Settings->TV), ability to show your media collection list sorted by Date Added, Grouping by Location and the ability to refresh only that group.

Bug #628: Wrong Runtime when using MediaInfo for runtime with multi-part files
Bug #648: XBMC - Clicking "Download Cast Images" button does not update <thumb> tag in .nfo files
Bug #651: Hide information fields popup closes when clicking on the scroll bar
Bug #666: ForceSaveImages issue with ProcessAll
Bug #673: Refresh speed issue
Bug #677: XBMC local trailer rename issue
Bug #678: MediaInfo not processing Locked items in ProcessAll
Bug #680: Loading of Export List window is slow
Bug #690: XBMC local trailer is treated as movie when "Allow multiple movies per folder" is enabled and trailer extension is differnt from movie
Bug #698: Editing UnusedTags values not being saved
Bug #700: FilmAffinity plugin - html changes on website
Bug #703: Application closes if online check for updates times out
Bug #710: Amazon Fetcher not working
Feature #173: Possibility of adding a watch schedule for TV shows
Feature #186: Show the width/height of a panel when resizing
Feature #258: Find missing episodes
Feature #325: Movieplayer.it Fetcher (Italian)
Feature #523: Separate Settings files from Layout files in Settings folder
Feature #545: Do not scan Locked Series/Seasons
Feature #583: Process to move trailers from Mediabrowser to XBMC and XBMC to Mediabrowser
Feature #627: Option to specify minimum width/height for backdrops when auto downloading
Feature #643: Move to Visual Studio 2010 / .Net 4.0
Feature #649: XBMC - Include first fanart in extra folder
Feature #654: Episode sorting: New season folder creation: naming convention
Feature #656: Add Query endpoint to Web Service
Feature #657: Display First Aired Date in the Date Format of the Local Machine.
Feature #658: Overhaul and update metabrowser GUI
Feature #659: Add Group By "Location" options and also allow refreshing of locaiton groups.
Feature #660: Show save file dialog when saving export list
Feature #662: Allow sorting of movies and/or series by Date Added + add sortable column header to media collection list
Feature #665: Fetch MPAA Rating full description from fetchers
Feature #672: Add option to select and cancel multiple trailers at once with right click context menu
Feature #674: Add Quick Access Toolbar + ability to customize in settings
Feature #681: Default Watched Field to No when creating metadata
Feature #682: Add SEE episode detection for episode sorting
Feature #684: TV Schedule - Custom group order for Air Date
Feature #685: TV Schedule - Filter by Selected Series in media collection list

Take Care


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