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Read more about the Web endpoint here: meta<browser/> web

To access the web endpoint, simply start the web service (Settings->Misc) and go to http://localhost:port/web/, which will display an internal meta<browser/> page with your media collection summary and links to any installed web apps.

Note: This will be available as of meta<browser/> release 2.1.20.

All web apps will be available through auto-update for easy installation.

The web endpoint will allow you to access any of the installed web apps from any web browser allowing you to, for example, browse or share your media collection list with others or, for example, a remote control web app using the Media Center Endpoints, allowing you to control HTPCs in your house.

For security, you can enable password protection to access any parts of the web service.

* Note: You would have to forward the port that the web service is running on from your router to the pc running meta<browser/> for it to be available through the internet.

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