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Added by jmccl069 about 1 year ago

Can anyone help with stopping the Sort Title field populating when fetching TV Episode data?

It populates with the Episode Name which in turn alters the sorting when viewed in Emby WMC so that the episodes do not appear in order.

I have just installed Windows 10 & reinstalled Metabrowser. The previous install (Windows 7) did not populate Sort Title. Is it a recent change with the data or am I missing a setting in Metabrowser?


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RE: Stop Sort Title field populating - Added by 17 days ago

Interesting. I don't think I have ever had it setup to automatically grab the data (not sure how to tbh). I always press the Fetch or right click and process season or series as needed.

Thanks for your help trying to get to the bottom of this. Its been driving me crazy!!

RE: Stop Sort Title field populating - Added by dansblackcat 17 days ago

Go to settings and under the "General" tab there are settings in the "folder Monitoring" section called "Fetch metadata when new media is detected" and "Real time monitoring"
I have both of these checked.
I just drop a new episode in the folder and Metabrowser does the rest. Also works for movies.

I also use the right click method but don't get the sort title populated.

RE: Stop Sort Title field populating - Added by ulrick65 17 days ago

Looks like fatal is back and has corrected this issue and will release and update. You can see his post in the discussion forum. For the record, I was able to duplicate it by using the "Fetch" button...but I was then able to delete it before saving.

RE: Stop Sort Title field populating - Added by dansblackcat 2 days ago

No matter what I do or what settings I use, my 'sort title" gets populated for TV episodes now. Very annoying

RE: Stop Sort Title field populating - Added by AdrianW about 18 hours ago

I just noticed that Metabrowser has started populating Sort Title on episodes. Which may be causing me issues with "Next Up" in Emby.

There doesn't appear to be a way to stop Sort Title from being populated - and once it is populated it is impossible to clear (other than by manually editing the xml).

Also, "Sort Title" does not appear in the list of fields in the drop list for "Filter" - so I can't search for all episode where "Sort Title" is populated. (There is a "Sort Name" field, but that's not the same field).

I tried unchecking "Sort Title" from Settings / TV / Fetchers / Fetch fields (episode) - but it still gets populated, It seems like it's the MediaBrowser saver that's populating the field, rather than a fetcher.

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