Fanart Issues

Added by ulrick65 3 months ago

Anyone else having issues with Fanart downloads? Everything is very slow if it does work, but many times posters, etc. don't load in thumbnails and then of course wont download. This has been going on for a while now and seems to be getting worse. I know that Fanart has its own problems with the API, but it all seems to work fine outside of metabrowser.

Couple this with the other things are now broken in metabrowser and it is getting painful to use. I have been hanging on just hoping that Fatal would do an update again but it is getting harder and harder to use. Unfortunately, I can't find any good alternatives to this program (which is why I have paying for it for many years).

If anyone knows of something different (other than Media Center Master...which I have tried and don't like for many reasons) I would love to hear about it.