got plugins?

Added by perry59 9 months ago

had to wipe my hard drive and lost my metabrowser plugins.
I have the main executable, but its not much good without the fetchers and savers.
I just renewed so I could get them back but now it looks like the project is dead, so theres 20 bucks down the tubes.
Would anyone be willing to upload plugins somewhere so I can use metabrowser? There is no other scraper that works as good as this one, bummed to see it go.

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RE: got plugins? - Added by celticstorm 9 months ago

Screenshot of my plugins folder. If these help let me know and I can send since this project seems to be dead.

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RE: got plugins? - Added by perry59 9 months ago

Thanks Celticstorm, mucho appreciated.
but Fatal did get back to me a few days ago and got me re-registered so I was able to get my plugins back.
I now have a couple copies in safe places in case my computer gets boned again!