Movie Set renaming filter

Added by jglazer63 over 1 year ago

This would be fabulous:

Apply a renaming filter to movies inside movie sets that is different than the global renaming filter. Case in point:

My global filter is

Title [year]

This works fine generally. But in a set I would love to see it

[year] Title

This way you can watch movies in the correct order (sorted by name). Does this make sense?

Any thoughts?

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RE: Movie Set renaming filter - Added by fatal over 1 year ago


Is this for XBMC? If so then XBMC allows you to sort movie sets by year and it shouldn't affect the sorting you have set for your normal view...for example I have a movie set and once I enter the movie set it is sorted by Year (I think by default) this not what you are seeing?

Let me know.

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