Website Down

Added by thomgaylord about 2 years ago

Anyone heard from Fatal lately?

I'm getting a HostGator page from the website.

Probably hosting issues, hopefully!


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RE: Website Down - Added by hjone72 about 2 years ago

I noticed this today. I hit him up on Twitter and via email. Hopefully everything is going good.

Don't know what i'd do without this amazing project!

RE: Website Down - Added by AdrianW about 2 years ago

That hostgator thing has happened to me a few times - but it always seems to come good after a few hours.

Even when that page is showing, metabrowser still works.

RE: Website Down - Added by NebularNerd almost 2 years ago

I still get the site through Firefox but inside the program it brings up the HostGator page. Otherwise I can still run MetaBrowser so hopefully this is just a weird glitch.